VIDEO: 7 Funniest Filipino pranks

VIDEO: 7 Funniest Filipino pranks

EDITOR’S NOTE: This column may contain strong language, sexual content, adult humor, graphic images, violence, and other themes that may not be suitable for minors. Parental guidance is strongly advised.

Most Filipinos love laughing out loud, and one of the best ways to make Pinoys laugh is by showing them a good prank. Here are some of the funniest Filipino prank videos that will make you laugh your heart out.

Watching these videos can help entertain people and make them more vigilant about the modus operandi of these sneaky pranksters!

Conyo drivers

This prank from “Wow Mali” has become an all-time classic. The video shows a pedicab driver and a pushcart owner arguing after colliding with each other on the road.

The passengers felt utter confusion when the two men started to argue using the English language. Adding to the bewilderment of the passengers, a traffic enforcer enters the scene and starts speaking in English as well. The prank victims’ attempt at conversing in English with the traffic enforcer makes the video even funnier.

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Talong hitmen

This video is from the Pinoy Public Pranks YouTube channel. The prank involves making innocent civilians think that they will be shot dead by two “hitmen.” But instead of pulling out a gun, the “hitmen” pulls out a talong (eggplant) to “kill” them. See the prank victims beg for their lives!

Celebrity prank

“Wow Mali” strikes again! The targets of this prank are well-known celebrities such as Derek Ramsay and Daniel Matsunaga. The prank involves calling the actors by their first name but immediately talking to an accomplice after getting the stars’ attention, leaving the celebrities completely embarrassed.

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Hi-Tech phone

This prank is wrong on so many levels. Waking up a sleeping grandma to prank her is cruel enough, but making her think that a used slipper is a telephone is even crueler

Blindfolded sit-ups

This poor victim was told by the pranksters that performing sit-ups while blindfolded is more effective than having his eyes open. He should never have believed them.

Earphone prank

We have all seen people walking around looking like crazy folks as they talk on the phone using their earphones. This video shows pranksters with earphones seemingly asking their targets for directions only to find out later that they were actually speaking to another person on the phone.

Coin trick

This prank shows the gross side of Pinoys – making people laugh by making others do disgusting things. Don’t try this at home.

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