Mt. Aso erupts following earthquake in Japan

Mt. Aso erupts following earthquake in Japan

Japanese chief Cabinet Sec. Yoshihide Suga announced that Mount Aso erupted shortly after the 7.0 earthquake which shook Japan earlier today.  The official said that the volcano expelled ashes which rose some 100 meters into the sky.

The eruption of Mt. Aso, located in southern Japan, was recorded at around 11:30pm GMT Friday.

Due to the eruption, the alert warning around Mt. Aso was raised to level 5.

Mt. Aso is one of the most active volcanoes in Japan. It is located at Kyushu island, which was the center of the earthquake. The eruption followed two deadly earthquakes and several aftershocks that hit Japan earlier this week.

Meanwhile, the Japanese government reported that the number of death toll due to the recent earthquake rose to 29 while more than 7,000 people lost their homes.

It was reported yesterday, April 15, that the city of Kumamoto on the island of Kyushu was hit by a violent 7.1 magnitude earthquake with several dozens are feared to still be trapped under the rubble and some 760 were treated in hospitals while rescue teams continue to search ruined houses.

The same region was rattled by another 6.5 quake just a day before hand where at least nine people were killed and more than 850 injured.

Authorities went on to evacuate over 40,000 people as scientists began to monitor nearby volcanoes for any signs of activity. Japanese authorities expressed their concern about a potential repeat of the 2011 Fukushima disaster scenario, when a 15-meter post-quake tsunami caused a nuclear meltdown.

The Nuclear Regulation Authority however said no irregularities had been recorded at three nuclear plants on the Kyushu island and nearby Shikoku. Over a hundred aftershocks have hit the region following the initial Thursday tremor. Officials have warned that the risk of further strong aftershocks will linger for about a week.


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