Best impersonations of Kris Aquino by celebrities

Best impersonations of Kris Aquino by celebrities


In the Philippines, everyone knows of Kris Aquino. She has been deemed as the ‘Queen of All Media’ and a well-known artist and host. You surely will see her face on the TV and print ads all over the country because of her numerous product endorsements.

She has come from a rich and powerful family -  the Aquinos. Her brother and late mother have both become presidents.

Other than that, her personality, dramatic life, gestures, and witty antics have made her even more famous. Kris also has a huge fan base as well as bashers who love to hate her.

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She is so unique that people want to copy her. In fact, some celebrities and comedians have tried to imitate her!

We’ve found the five best impersonations that have truly captured everything about Kris Aquino and have made it hilariously.

1. Vice Ganda

Vice Ganda and Kris Aquino are very close friends. They even call each other “asawa” (spouse) and see each other on a regular basis. Sometimes, Vice even shares how he knows Kris so well that he impersonates her. He has copied Kris’ ‘vibrato’ when crying and her manner of speaking.

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2. John Lapus

John Lapus and Kris Aquino have been friends for a long time that they have already fought a few times throughout the years, but have eventually patched things up. John also knows Kris immensely that he has shown his talent in impersonating her when he moved to GMA 7. He calls himself ‘Kris Anino’ when he impersonates the ‘Queen of All Media.’ He also used this alter ego when he had a spoof segment on TV 5’s “Tropa MoKo Nice Diba?!”

3. Barbie Forteza

Barbie Forteza, a 19-year-old Kapuso actress, has also started impersonating Kris Aquino in GMA’s sit-coms and spoof segments. Last May, during the Sunday entertainment show “Sunday PinaSaya,” Barbie came out in a yellow pantsuit and was introduced as ‘Kreissy.’ She gave her all in giving justice to embodying Kris and her fans have reacted positively to it. Since then, she has reprised her character as ‘Kreissy’ but changed the name to ‘Kissy Anino’ during the Sunday show.

4. Angelica Panganiban

Angelica Panganiban is also one of Kris’ closest friends. She’s also been impersonating her for almost 8 years as ‘Krissy’ while Jason Gainza portrays ‘Bhoy.’ Angelica proved to everyone by being ‘Krissy,’ that she’s not just a drama actress and that she also has a humorous side to her as well.

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5. Divine Tetay

Divine Tetay is a veteran stand-up comedian who’s currently doing shows in Laffline comedy bar. Recently, her interview with Arnold Clavio as ‘Kris Tetay’ became viral on social media because of her impeccable talent in copying everything about Kris Aquino from her voice, gestures, and to her dramatic responses.

Which one do you think did the best Kris Aquino impersonation? – Kami Media



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