Praise and criticisms for Duterte's #50FirstDays

Praise and criticisms for Duterte's #50FirstDays

- On Thursday, August 18, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte reaches his first milestone - his 50th day in the presidential office

- As the President meets his 50th day in office, the Presidential Communications Office (PCO) releases a documentary #50FirstDays - reporting the administration's achievements

- Netizens reacted differently -  to the documentary itself as well as the President's programs and achievements

As President Rodrigo Duterte reaches his first 50 days in office, a mix of cheers and boos welcome the Presidential Communications Office's release of Duterte's #50FirstDays.

The president has reached the first milestone in his presidency - his 50th day - and his communications office released a documentary called #50FirstDays, which details the achievements that he has had since he took oath on June 30. This documentary summarized the state's so-called achievements - in relation to his promises prior to his takeover of the presidential's office.

As the documentary airs, a slew of boos and cheers reverberates online, sending social media abuzz.

Praise and criticisms for Duterte's #50FirstDays

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. (Photo credit:

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That the president has achieved so much in such a short time made him receive a low murmur of thanks from netizens.


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Praise and criticisms for Duterte's #50FirstDays

It was probably meant to make the people appreciate the president more - as Duterte's office is hard on its heels just to keep his promises to the Filipino people. It did, to a certain extent. Look!

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Praise and criticisms for Duterte's #50FirstDays


It may have, though it also generated criticisms - both of the things that the administration missed and the documentary and the Philippine Communications Office (PCO)'s announcement.

Here are some of them:

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Oh, they question the practicality of his projects too. Well, let's hear them:


Some grammar nazi decided to join in the horde of people reacting to the president's documentary. Mind you, the critics are present too.

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Surely, Filipino humor is bound to show up somewhere as the administration lays out its achievements. It did.

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Netizen @mitzi_42 has a question for the President and his staff:

If you haven't seen the video yet, watch it here and share your thoughts with us.

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