Salonga is wowed by Mega's new bod

Salonga is wowed by Mega's new bod

- Megastar Sharon Cuneta has returned on Philippine television by becoming one of the coaches of 'The Voice Kids', a popular reality singing contest

- She has promised that she will show off her new bod on the grand finals of the show, which fellow coach Lea Salonga was able to see firsthand 

- The Tony Award winner tweeted her amazement of Cuneta's transformation 

Regardless of what has been said about her, Megastar Sharon Cuneta has totally pushed herself to get slimmer now that she will reveal the real results of her efforts on the grand finals of 'The Voice Kids'.

Earlier this year, Cuneta replaced 'Pop Royalty' Sarah Geronimo as one of the coaches of the popular reality singing competition. She joins two of the show's original judges - rocker Bamboo Mañalac and theater legend Lea Salonga - who have been present in its original format since 2013.

Salonga is wowed by Mega's new bod

The latest coach of 'The Voice Kids' promises a 360 - a slim new figure, that is.

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'The Voice Kids' is a kid-focused spin-off of one of the world's most franchised singing competitions, which started in the Philippines two years ago. The program is now about to wrap up its third season.

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Cuneta's transformation has not escaped the eyes of her colleagues, as her fellow coach affirmed that she has indeed lost a considerable amount of weight.

Coach Lea took the time to tweet her amazement.

Viewers have to wait until the end of the month to see what Cuneta's co-workers have already seen, but it is a promise that is worth waiting for.

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However, there will always be detractors who tend to be skeptical about such statements. They said that there was no progress in Cuneta's efforts at all, citing the recent episodes of 'The Voice Kids' as evidence.

It should be no surprise to anyone that the current episodes of the program are already pre-recorded, meaning that the singer/actress is still in the process of working out and eating healthy when the episodes were taped. It is also a known fact that the camera adds additional pounds to one's frame, making them look heavier than they are in real life.

If there are skeptics, there are downright 'Negastars' - those who do not believe Cuneta's announcement and probably will not give her a chance to prove them wrong. They claimed that she just got bigger since she transferred back to her former network.

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On her Twitter account, one can see the dedication Cuneta has for working on that slim body again as evidenced by her tweets last Tuesday.



Now that her mentoring role is about to end, she is swamped with projects both from ABS-CBN and Star Cinema. She has not fully disclosed what she is shooting on, but only gave clues that she would be working with a male celebrity she has missed dearly and one of the network's hottest love teams.

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There is certainly a buzz surrounding Cuneta's announcement, but for now, we will abide with the infamous saying: 'To see is to believe.'

Salonga is wowed by Mega's new bod

Is the 'Mega Star' going to be slimmer than this?

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Do you think the Megastar has indeed slimmed down like she was during her heyday? Or will she disappoint the public despite her efforts? Sound off in the comments what you think of this issue!-Kami Media

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