Filipinos do the newest #PakGanernChallenge

Filipinos do the newest #PakGanernChallenge

- #PakGanernChallenge is a new craze in the Philippines made up by students

- The challenge is in a form of a game similar to “Nanay Tatay”

- Celebrities and normal people have jumped on this newest challenge and posted their videos online

If you’re in the Philippines, you may have heard “Pak Ganern!” from people on the streets, to DJs on the radios, and stars on television saying this phrase. But what does this mean exactly?

This phrase can be considered a gay lingo that originated from Maria Sofia Love, a trans model living abroad who used “Pak Ganern!” in her videos as one of her signature lines. She became viral on social media that it has become one of 2016’s most used lines.

“Pak Ganern!” has the same attributes to using “Boom” in English. It can be used in different contexts but is most commonly used for showing off.

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Filipinos are fond of making up words to convey different feelings and emotions and this phrase just happened to be the most popular this year. On the other hand, Filipinos also like to take up challenges that have become viral online such as the #TrumpetsChallenge and #IceBucketChallenge.

Combine these two and you’ll get the “#PakGanernChallenge.”

This new challenge is spreading across social media like wildfire. It started with a few normal citizens having fun and it got increasingly popular online that celebrities like Vice Ganda have decided to take the challenge.

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The game mechanics is similar to “Nanay, Tatay” (Mother, Father) wherein you have to clap and count increasingly. Those who fail to clap and count correctly lose. In the #pakganernchallenge, however, the difficulty has been set to high. For the ‘pak’part, you have to clap hands with your playmates, then for the ‘ganern’ part, you have to shake your hip.

Here are some of the best clips we’ve found online, check them out below.

These schoolgirls (and boy) from Bukidnon may have started this trend:

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Girls aren’t the only ones who can shake their hips, sometimes boys can even do it better:

These youngsters have added risk to this challenge by playing on the side of the road. Kids, don’t follow these people, just play on your houses.

It’s fun to do it with your barkada, even if you’re all manly bros:

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Vice Ganda, Vhong Navarro, Jhong Hilario, and Billy Crawford have also done the challenge on their noontime show “It’s Showtime.”

Will you do the #Pakganernchallenge? –Kami Media



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