10 questions you shouldn't ask men

10 questions you shouldn't ask men

Communication is the most important aspect of romantic relations. Lots of men willingly answer questions of their another half. But there is something not a single man would ever want to hear. If you want to avoid the negative development of a situation, you'd better keep away from the following questions.

10 questions you shouldn't ask men

1. Why is your friend's car better and more expensive than yours?

To begin with, you shouldn't compare your man with the others. Next, you shouldn't speak negatively about him or about anything connected with him.

2. Why do you make so little money?

This is one of the most painful questions and a real blow to any normal man's ego. Asking this, you belittle his historical dignity of a breadwinner.

3. How do you think, am I fat?

A man runs into meditative condition when he hears this question or, in other words, goes down. He doesn't know what to say. If he says "no", his woman may notice a lie in order to please her. If he says "yes", his woman will be offended, and this is the last thing he wants. Men love self-assured women with no inferiority complexes.

4. Why don't you give me presents?

In this way you make a man feel ashamed and show at his failure and inattention to you. Besides, men don't like when someone demands something from them.

5. Who is more important for you: me or your friends?

Don't make him choose between you and his friends. This may end sadly and not in the best way for you.

6. Would you manage to cheat on me?

He may get irritated because he probably never thought about this question, but you put it into his head by yourself. Do you really feel this bad when everything is fine between you two?!

7. Will you never leave me?

Never say "never"! Who can warrant for what happens tomorrow or in a few years? A man simply can't give you guarantees, even if his answer is positive.

8. May my mother stay with us for a couple of months?

When you blindside him with such a question, you may evoke a windstorm of negative emotions and resentment. First of all, why didn't you discuss this in advance? Secondly, he wouldn't like much an inescapable presence of your mother at home, where he considers himself to be the master.

9. Am I the closest person for you?

What can he answer you on this? He has mother, father, sisters and brothers. Did you think about them? Asking this question, you make him choose between people he loves. And he surely doesn't want to do this.

10. Do you love me?

Men don't like to speak about love. The prefer to prove it with actions.

What can we say at a conclusion? Don't take advantage of yourself, even if you really want this. In any case, don't try to do this too obviously. It is better to get into his life with good and sincere deeds. In this way, he will not manage to live without you. Finally, he will understand himself who is more important for him and with whom he wants to spend his whole life. Asking will not be enough, you need to deserve such attitude with your love, care, and respect.

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