VIDEO: Dog cries and faints during reunion with owner. So heartbreaking!

VIDEO: Dog cries and faints during reunion with owner. So heartbreaking!

- A video of a Schnauzer dog crying and fainting while welcoming its owner has gone viral

- The owner was away from her pet for two years

- The online community was touched by the strong bond between the dog and its owner

A video clip of an emotional dog crying and fainting when its owner returned home has gone viral, with the online community touched by the bond between the woman and her pet.

Rebecca and her dog Casey have been away from each other for two years because of her job in another country. When she finally came back home, the dog became very emotional.

Casey the dog started crying and squealing as it greeted its owner. While the two were interacting with each other, the dog was overcome with joy and gladness. As a result, the emotional pet fainted, to the surprise of its human family.

VIDEO: Dog cries and faints during reunion with owner
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In order to comfort the dog, one of the family members picked him up from the ground and hugged him. A few moments later, it was Rebecca’s turn to carry and hug Casey. The dog was back to its senses and it started licking the face of its owner with enthusiasm.

The video has received millions of views and lots of comments from the online community. Many netizens wrote about the great bond that usually develops between a dog and its owner.

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“This is why I can't ever leave my dog for long periods of time. I know they miss us so much when we're gone and there's no way we can tell them when or if we're ever coming back,” one netizen posted.

Another netizen said that humans could learn a thing or two from Casey the dog.

“If humans learned to love this way, the world would be at peace,” the online user wrote.

The dog in the video is called a Schnauzer, which is known for being a sociable, athletic and energetic pet.

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