Glass bridge in China gets more terrifying

Glass bridge in China gets more terrifying

- Tourists coming from countries all over the world were thrilled when the Shiniuizhai National Geological Park in China announced the opening of its glass bridge

- However, while enjoying the marvelous scenery, tourists heard a loud crack that made them terrified and evacuate the bridge

- The crack was caused by a tourist who dropped a thermostat onto the path of the bridge, according to a staff in the geological park

Citizens all over the world have come to see the engineering marvel that is the Yuntaishan glass bridge in Central China’s Shiniuizhai National Geological Park. It opened September last year and became widely known as the Haohan Qiao Bridge or Brave Men’s Bridge in the English language.

Glass bridge in China gets more terrifying

(Photo from foxnews)

Upon the announcement of its opening, travelers rushed to cross the 980-foot long bridge between two cliffs and rises 600 feet above a canyon.

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The glass used for the bridge was three-quarters of an inch thick and 25 times stronger than ordinary glass. Designers further stated that the glass was treated in order for it to be extremely resistant to bending or shattering and encapsulated by a steel frame.

The steel frame used to support and encase the glass bridge is also very strong and densely built, so even if a glass is broken, travelers won’t fall through,’ said a worker in the resort.

However, a month after, tourists were terrified as they heard a loud crack which made everyone rush to get off the bridge to save their lives.

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According to an unidentified tourist, ‘I heard a bang from under…Everybody is screaming. I cried, ‘It’s really cracked! It’s really cracked!’ And pushed the people in front of me to get away.’

It was confirmed by a staff at the Yuntaishan resort that the bridge indeed developed a crack. It was caused by a tourist who dropped a thermos onto the path which made authorities in the resort shut down the operation for the time being.

Tourists were immediately evacuated from the bridge as soon as the incident happened to prevent any casualties. There were no reports if anyone was hurt.

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Designers and engineers who built the glass bridge insisted that it was safe, however, the incident calls into question the safety of the bridge. – Kami Media



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