10 Funniest sports epic fails caught on video

10 Funniest sports epic fails caught on video

People love sports because it can be very entertaining, inspiring and thrilling to watch. However, sports can also be very funny and hilarious sometimes. Here are some of the best sports epic fails caught on video that will make you laugh.

These sports epic fails prove that even the most well-trained athletes in the world are prone to making hilarious mistakes like every one of us.

Boxer punches himself

The goal of boxing is to inflict punishment on your opponent through effective punches. This boxer had a different idea. Watch as he punches himself with full force, almost knocking himself out. By the way, this boxer is Tyson Fury, the current Heavyweight Champion of the world.

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NBA player low blows the referee

Anything excessive can be dangerous, even excessive celebration. This video shows Carlos Boozer accidentally hitting the referee below the belt while celebrating his success.

Boxer does not know how to enter and exit the ring

The most difficult parts of boxing include effectively hitting the opponent and successfully blocking or dodging his attacks. But for this boxer, the most difficult parts are entering and exiting the boxing ring.

Over-jumping in the Olympics

Who knew Superman is real? Watch this Olympian use his flying abilities to wow the audience.

Free throw fail

One of the easiest shots to make in basketball is a free throw. You are alone on the free throw line with nobody to block your shot. This player would not agree with that assessment.

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Double KO

Have you seen anything like this in your life? These two MMA fighters both won and lost the match. When’s the rematch?

Slam dunk fail

Carmelo Anthony is one of the best scorers in the NBA and he stands 6 foot 8 tall. Dunking must be effortless for him, right? WRONG.

Billiards in and out

Check out one of the most frustrating sports epic fails you will ever see.

Open goal fail

Most football players dream of experiencing this moment: the goalkeeper is far from sight and nobody is trying to block the goal attempt. Unfortunately, this moment turned out to be a nightmare for this player.

Rugby fail

Rugby is considered as one of the roughest sports in the world, not only for the players but also for the referee. Here is the proof.

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