Andi Eigenmann, Jake Ejercito throws shade at each other

Andi Eigenmann, Jake Ejercito throws shade at each other

- Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito fired bullets at each other on Twitter

- Jake started the quarrel online when he heard of Andi’s interview at a press con for ‘Camp Sawi’

- The actress defended herself and shared a lengthy thread explaining why she spoke in details regarding their breakup, calling Jake a ‘narcissist’ as well

Ladies and gentlemen, go grab your popcorn and find a comfortable position on your couch as we witness former flames Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito throw shade at each other on Twitter.

The bicker on the social media website started with Jake composing a tweet more than 140 characters to voice out his thoughts about his ex.

Andi Eigenmann, Jake Ejercito throws shade at each other

The ex-couple dated for several years, on-and-off, until they called it quits. (Photo credit: ABS-CBN News)

According to Jake, he was prompted to express himself after he could no longer handle being ‘conveniently and effortlessly maligned out of nowhere.’

This was following Andi’s statement during an interview for her upcoming movie entitled ‘Camp Sawi.’ In the recent press conference, the actress shared details on how she felt after her break-up with on-and-off again ex-boyfriend Jake.

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She referred to the incident as her ‘most painful’ split. Andi did not hide the heartbreak she experienced right after, describing the phase as the time when she ‘felt like life had no meaning anymore because he’s (Jake) gone.’ The artist clarified that it was because she had imagined her future with her ex woven into her plans – and to have him ‘taken out of the situation’ caused that belief.

However, Andi was proud to admit that she rose from the painful experience and managed to find herself in the process.

“Getting out of it, now I know that the number one thing that I have to keep is who I am as a person and who I want to become,” she said.

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But obviously, Jake wished to not be a part of her promotion for her project – which he made clear on his tweet.

“Can’t you promote your film by only entertaining questions about the film or perhaps your career?” Jake argued on a part of his post.

Andi then responded with a long thread of her own – explaining that sharing her heartbreaking past was expected to be a part of the interview since their movie tackles such matters, hence ‘Camp Sawi.’ Bomb after bomb was dropped, but the biggest one was when Andi called out to Jake, claiming that her lengthy post was dedicated to him.

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If you think you’ve heard the end of it, you’re wrong.

Jake retweeted a fan who informed him of how he turned to be ‘irrelevant’ following Andi’s rant. He then quipped that it was better to be ‘real’ than being a ‘relevant sham,’ pertaining to the actress.

Andi did not back down and fired back by labeling her ex as ‘talentless.’

The two concluded the argument with their respective shout outs to their fans.


Andi and Jake began dating years ago, with numerous controversies surrounding their relationship. Though theirs have been the on-and-off scenario, the pair’s appeared to have finally reached the end of the road as Andi is currently dating a non-showbiz man who she preferred to remain unnamed.


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