Senate to investigate execution of suspected dealers

Senate to investigate execution of suspected dealers

- Senator Leila De Lima expressed her disapproval of the police “scalawags” who might be involved in the illegal drug trade in the country

- The senator emphasized that these police officers might be the ones hiring the vigilantes who would kill the people involved in the officers’ dirty works

- With the protection of CHR, there will be witnesses who would testify against the police officers in the Senator’s inquiry

Senator Leila De Lima, together with the Senate body, will investigate on the executions of suspected drug users and pushers through the witnesses who could testify against the police “scalawags”.

Senate to investigate execution of suspected dealers

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The Senator’s theory is that these police officers are behind the illegal drug trade in the country and they were hiring vigilantes who would kill the people connected to them in their dirty work.

There are deaths that are being done by corrupt officials and their cohorts to cover up their heinous participation in the drug trade. They are not pushing forward, and are instead diverting, the direction of the fight against drugs and sabotaging the good intentions of the campaign,’ said De Lima.

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Duterte was urged by the brave senator “to follow the inquiry” of the Senate committee on justice and human rights that will begin on Monday in which the details of her allegations against certain officials of the Philippine National Police (PNP) would be delved into.

There is an indication that not all drug suspects are really related to, but that they just coincided with, the campaign against drugs. They (the PNP) should admit that there are scalawags in the institution, and our witnesses will be able to say that there are scalawags in the institution,’ said the Senator who was also a former justice secretary and a former chair of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR).

De Lima’s committee started to send summons to persons for the inquiry, including PNP Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa. Moreover, she listened to the side of the witnesses, who are under the protection of the CHR, first in order to set the right tone in the inquiry.

I really want them to listen to our witnesses, if they have not investigated these cases. These are the families, the loved ones of the victims. They’re the ones directly affected,’ she added.

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Meanwhile, De Lime pointed out that there have been efforts to stop her inquiry, including the sudden requirement that he committee must produce complaints and evidence first. Further, Senator Alan Peter Cayetano opposed De Lima and said that her inquiry would discriminate the reputation of the entire PNP.

This is just an inquiry, and therefore the technical rules of evidence do not apply. Why all of a sudden in all the inquiries all these years they are imposing so many requirements?’ argued De Lima.

Firm in her stand against the increasing number of deaths in the country due to the President’s all out war against drugs, De Lima said that her inquiry is searching for the root and extent of the criminal trade in the country, which is no different from the President’s campaign.

In ferreting out the truth, our goal is to ensure the success of the campaign against drugs and crime and in drafting the right laws and guidelines to help our law enforcers in the proper conduct of their duties,’ she said.

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De Lima is one of the strong critics of the current choices and decisions made by the current leadership in the country. She also vowed to be the “fiscalizer” of President Duterte. Kami Media


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