Policeman who tagged 'narco-generals' found dead

Policeman who tagged 'narco-generals' found dead

- Cebu policeman was found dead two days after he wrote the names of two narco-generals in blotter logbook

- Police Officer 2 Ryan Casiban was last seen leaving his post on Wednesday at around 2 o'clock in the morning, earlier than the end of his shift

- The policeman has been asking help from his former chief after receiving death threats

The Malacañang promised to conduct investigations to uncover the truth behind the death of a Cebu-based policeman who was tagged former police generals Marcelo Garbo and Vicente Loot as protectors of the illegal drug trade.

The body of Police Officer 2 Ryan Casiban, who hails from Sitio Masiwa, Barangay Marigondon, was found in a vacant lot located in Barangay Agus, Lapu-Lapu City on Friday evening. His body showed signs of torture.

“We shall look into it. Fallen policemen who fought to win the war against illegal drugs must not be abandoned,” Presidential Communications Office Secretary Martin Andanar said via a text message.

Policeman who tagged 'narco-generals' found dead

PO2 Ryan Casiban (Photo source: Cebu Daily News)

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The initial reports state that Casiban, who was on duty at the Cordova Police Station on Mactan Island, left his post at around 2:50 a.m. Wednesday when his duty should have ended at 8 a.m. the same day.

Since then, the policeman was unheard of and have completely disappeared.

His upper uniform together with his shoes, socks, belt, the station’s patrol motorcycle, and M-16 rifle were found on Wednesday in a bushy area in Sitio Naga, Barangay Babag II, Lapu-Lapu City.

Two days later, his body was found at a firing range in Lapu-Lapu City.

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Reports also state that Casiban allegedly wrote two names in the blotter before he left his post on Wednesday.

“Gen. Garbo and Gen. Loot are drug syndicate of the Phils. Because of money protected by his men, PNP organization to stop illegal drugs,” one of the entries he signed reads.

“I want to write what is justice for all to stop all illegal drugs. God is in me,” another entry wrote.

Policeman who tagged 'narco-generals' found dead

The entries made by PO2 Casiban (Photo source: ABS-CBN)

It can be recalled that both generals were publicly named by President Duterte as protectors of drug lords in the country. The two, of course, denied the allegation.

Casiban was also reported to have sought the help of his former police chief because of the death threats he has allegedly received from another group of policemen from a different police unit in Cebu province. -Kami Media

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Source: Kami.com.ph

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