PH becomes increasingly crazy over Pokémon Go

PH becomes increasingly crazy over Pokémon Go

- SM Mall of Asia just converted their giant globe attraction into the biggest Pokéball yet following their biggest lure party

- The Philippines’ addiction with Pokémon Go got more evident after the different events organized for the players of the game

- The newest gimmick is called Pokémon Tours where you pay for tours to help you catch Pokémon with other trainers

If someone told you that the Philippines will be addicted to Pokémon Go a few months ago, then you might be a little hesitant. After all, the long-time running joke was that even before you catch a Pokémon, a snatcher might be the first to capture your phone first.

Now, it might be hard to refuse the fact that the Filipinos are officially hooked. On August 6, the popular game was launched in the Philippines including 14 other countries across Asia.

PH becomes increasingly crazy over Pokémon Go

Much to the amusement of fans, a giant Pokéball appeared in the SM Mall of Asia. (Photo credit: ABS-CBN)

In fact, the biggest proof was literally very huge.

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When the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay opened, one of its biggest landmarks was its big globe where you can clearly see the Philippines. However, if you passed by it last Friday, August 12, then you must have seen a giant Pokéball instead.

PH becomes increasingly crazy over Pokémon Go

Hundreds of Pokémon Go players frequent malls to catch Pokémon. (Photo credit: Rappler)

Following the ‘biggest’ lure party in the country, it was only fitting to have the ‘biggest’ Pokéball too. Before you drown in the technicalities, let’s start from the basics.

The players who catch Pokémon are called ‘trainers’ who all aims to be ‘the very best like no one was’. In order to restock their supplies, they should stop by Pokéstops. Churches, old houses, parts of the malls are its examples.

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But aside from restocking, there’s also a ‘lure module’ on each stops which attracts more Pokémon. Speaking of lure, that’s when ‘lure party’ comes in. Just like your ordinary party, people come together although this time; they’re filling the stops with ‘lure modules’ instead of drinks to help out each other.

PH becomes increasingly crazy over Pokémon Go

One of the many Pokétour being held in Metro Manila. (Photo credit: Facebook)

On that night, SM has organized its biggest lure party – given that their malls have recently been filled with Pokémon trainers.

Aside from malls, smart entrepreneurs are also riding in the trend and earning through what they call ‘Pokémon tours.’ It’s exactly like a tour but instead of visiting different attractions, they will accompany you to different Pokéstops. You don’t have to be alone because these tours usually group trainers together and give them free WiFi.

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Of course, Filipinos are making the most out of these gimmicks and injecting their humor along the way.

While some were being good Samaritans of the modern times by sharing the location of lure parties.

You go catch ‘em all, Filipinos.

Aside from SM, Ayala Malls are also organizing their own lure parties with their hashtag #FindEmAtAyalaMalls . Even McDonalds Philippines joined the fun last Friday when they offered a Buy 1 Take 1 promo of their signature McFloat for 5 hours on that day.


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