Duterte, sick? Rival Binay says so

Duterte, sick? Rival Binay says so

HIGHLIGHT: Vice president Jejomar Binay leaves statement hanging in the air about current poll leader Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte's health condition.

“Basta’t may sakit. Period,” (He is sick. That's it.), he said right after daring popular rival to show to public even just a simple certificate that would prove Duterte is in the pink of health.

Duterte agreed on the condition that his doctor will also check up Binay, and vice-versa,also taking a swipe at possible fraud if Binay's personal doctor will issue the medical record for the VP.

Less than a month before the May 9 polls, the campaigns get as scorching as the weather.

Duterte joked about Binay -haunted by corruption issues surrounding his family, “Have you seen Binay’s hands during the debate last time? I am not sure if he was just nervous or if he was really sick? Maybe that is a thief’s disease, it's difficult to count billions.””

In 2015, after being admitted in a Quezon City hospital, Duterte denied having throat cancer or having suffered from stroke when asked by reporters.

Though he also admitted to having Buerger’s disease, a constriction of blood vessels possibly with over smoking. The mayor's former wife Elizabeth Zimmerman said they had stopped smoking.

The Palace earlier said through spokesperson Edwin Lacierda that the candidates' health is a matter of public interest.

“It is in the public interest that all candidates disclose the state of their health, as it may be part of the consideration of the electorate in choosing a President.”

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