Top 5 Pokemon GO problems gamers experienced

Top 5 Pokemon GO problems gamers experienced

Pokémon GO has finally become available in the Philippines, and a lot of people from all walks of life have become mad about this game, going to unthinkable heights just to become a master of it.

People can be seen on the streets looking down on their phones. Other people, unfortunately, are seen in not-so-safe places hunting down Pokémons all by themselves.

While the game really takes away the boredom, is a good time killer, and a good bonding tool, it is not without problems. Here are five of them:

Top 5 Pokemon GO problems gamers experienced

Pokemon GO uses churches as PokeStops (Photo by: Twitter)

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Battery Life

Your battery is always at risk of getting empty when playing Pokémon GO. So much battery is eaten with this game since you will be using data, camera, GPS, and the screen at the same time. While you can opt not to use your camera, this does not mean you can save a lot in terms of battery life.

This only means one thing: you need to start your Pokémon hunt with a fully-charged phone and a power bank in case you still run out of battery life. If you have enough money to spare, it might be wise to invest in a pocket Wi-Fi and get an unlimited plan. This not only saves you battery but also data load.

Top 5 Pokemon GO problems gamers experienced

Player runs out of battery while playing Pokemon GO. Big problem. (Photo source: CloudFront)

Bug Infestation

We are not talking about literal crawling bugs here but the bugs that somehow mess with your game. Some of these bugs include loss progress, wrong map, and server problems. There are those who also reported that they are unable to open their Pokémon GO application after updating it.

Hopefully, the team is working to fix these issues.

Top 5 Pokemon GO problems gamers experienced

Facebook user and Pokemon GO player downplays the issues he is currently facing with Pokemon GO (Photo grabbed from Facebook)

Top 5 Pokemon GO problems gamers experienced

Some players are complaining about how Pokemon GO could not detect their location. (Photo source: TechRadar)

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Almost every game have In-App Purchases. It is one way for companies to earn some money from the game. Thankfully, Pokémon GO is not aggressive in terms of monetizing the game - -at least not as of the moment.

Still, gamers encounter this kind of problem. For instance, when incubating several eggs at the same time, you need to have a number of incubators. For starters, only one incubator is readily available. Thus, if you are in a hurry of getting your eggs hatched, you might need to shell out some money.

Safety First

Safety is always a problem. Many streets and areas in the Philippines are not safe for Pokémon GO players, especially those who like to venture and search for Pokémons alone.

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A lot of safety-related incidents have been reported online and on TV.

Aside from these, there are also other Pokémon GO players who try to multitask, including driving, crossing the street, and doing other risky things while playing. There are also those who trespass properties just to catch some Pokémons.

Top 5 Pokemon GO problems gamers experienced

Other places have prohibited Pokemon GO players to enter for safety reasons (Photo source: Accuform)

Not enough time

Many players have lost time for other important things because of Pokémon GO. They tend to downplay the importance of concentrating on the task at hand or spending time with their family because of Pokémon GO. This may sound exaggerated, but it is happening. Many have abandoned a thing or two just to give more time for their Pokémon hunting.

What other problems have you encountered so far? Tell us about it in the comments section. -Kami Media

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