VIDEO: Dog fights off armed robber to protect its owner

VIDEO: Dog fights off armed robber to protect its owner

- A video of a dog fighting off an armed robber to protect its owner has gone viral

- The dog’s name is Thor, a half-Pit Bull, half-Boxer canine

- The dog started attacking the robber after he pushed the pet owner

A half-Pit Bull, half-Boxer pet dog saved its owner from an armed robber, and the canine’s heroics were captured on CCTV footage! The video clip has gone viral, with many viewers applauding the fearlessness and dedication of the dog to its owner.

The footage shows 21-year-old Justin Ireland, a gas station clerk, talking to a man in a hoodie asking to use the phone. When Ireland approached to talk to him, the man in a hoodie suddenly pulled out a gun to rob the gas station.

The armed robber proceeded to intimidate Ireland by pushing and shoving him. This was a big mistake on the part of the gunman.

VIDEO: Dog fights off armed robber to protect its owner
Dog vs robber (Photo: YouTube / Inquisitr)

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The protective dog named “Thor” suddenly went wild. It lunged at the robber and bit his arm and face multiple times, forcing the gunman to change his plans and escape into a truck which was parked near the gas station.

Authorities said that Ireland and the dog were lucky that the armed robber was not able to harm them. The police also advised that the best way to deal with a robber is to give in to his or her demands. Most of the people who get killed in robberies are those who try to fight back.

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Netizens were impressed with the courage of the dog in the face of danger. Some commented on the advantage of having a dog rather than a cat.

“These kinds of moments are where dogs outshine cats,” an online user said.

Other netizens said that the video shows why a dog is really a man’s best friend.

“Awesome dog! They're more loyal than most humans,” a netizen commented. – Kami Media

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