7 Hokage moves caught on video

7 Hokage moves caught on video

You probably have heard of “Hokage moves” – the Filipino term for smooth and lightning-quick moves used for flirting unexpectedly with other people. It usually involves a touch or even a kiss.

Many have criticized this trend, saying that it is a form of sexual harassment since many of the people involved did not give their consent to be touched or flirted with in any way.

However, these Hokage moves have proven to be popular for the Filipino online community. Watch these popular video clips to see if you will laugh or be outraged at these viral Hokage moves.

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John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin Hokage moves

This video shows the two popular actors pulling off their very own Hokage moves on unsuspecting people inside the mall. The reaction of the subjects in the video seems to be positive, but being famous actors probably had something to do with that.

Sue Ramirez Hokage move

Here is another showbiz personality pulling off a Hokage move. This one involves a smack on the cheek!

A sudden kiss

Isn't kissing a stranger on the cheek an example of sexual harassment? The girl reacted by looking stunned while smiling.

Escalator trap

These Hokage moves were done in a mall escalator. Again, none of the women touched without permission reacted with hostility. Some of them even smiled! Fathers, teach your daughters to protect themselves better!

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Escalator trap: female version

Men are not the only Hokages around. Watch this girl pull-off the escalator Hokage moves inside a mall.

Sneaky kiss

This woman had to pull off a Hokage move just to get a kiss. But did she really want a kiss or was she just craving for attention from netizens?

Face to face Hokage

Isn’t this the same guy who pulled off the escalator trap Hokage moves? Is he in jail already?

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