Viral meme targets human right advocates

Viral meme targets human right advocates

- A meme which questioned the selective cases being noticed by human rights advocates started a debate on social media

­- The comparison was made between their response on the murdered pedicab driver who was rumored to be a drug pusher and the Solaire employee killed due to robbery

- The opinions of the netizens were divided as some differentiate the two cases while others defended the rumored extra judiciary killings

Editor's note: The images related to the keywords in this article are graphic in nature and may be disturbing to some viewers.

President Rodrigo Duterte was commended for his bold campaign against illegal drug trade. The main worry was that the former mayor of Davao City was associated with the ‘Davao Death Squad,’ an allegedly vigilante group which performed summary executions on individuals involved in drugs or other crimes.

Suddenly, Filipinos were divided into two: those who support the president’s means in eradicating drugs, and the other half that protect the human rights against the rising number of people who were killed since Duterte has assumed position.

Just recently, a post taking a hit on human rights advocates went viral. The meme created by News Info Manila was questioning their motives in which cases to sympathize with.

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There were two photos in the post entitled ‘The Curious Case of HUMAN RIGHTS ADVOCATES.’

The first one was the unforgettable picture of pedicab driver Michael Siaron. The modest mode of transportation was the Philippines’ version of a trishaw. Siaron’s wife hugging his lifeless body on the streets was depicted on the snapshot. He was killed by unidentified men who left a cardboard with the message, ‘Pusher ako, wag tularan. (I’m a drug pusher, don’t be like me.)’

Viral meme targets human right advocates

This picture of Siaron and his wife was picked up by international news publications in their effort to report the state of the country. (Photo credit:

Below his picture was the caption that he was a drug pusher and the phrase saying ‘Ngumawa sila sa pagkamatay nya. (They mourned for his death.)

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Meanwhile, the other victim in the post was Solaire employee Ma. Remedios Pedrano. She was shot dead by other motorcycle-riding men in Makati City, with her dead body being found on the street after being robbed.

Her caption says she was a law-abiding citizen and that she was a victim of holdup. This time, however, they’re asking where were the human rights advocates who were usually present when it comes to extra judiciary killings.

The post that circulated on social media with over 20,000 shares ensued a debate online.

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Remedy Medina defended and defined the meaning of extra judiciary killings for people to not twist the story.

Viral meme targets human right advocates

The user explained the difference between the two pictures being compared. (Photo credit: Facebook)

While another user believed that the wrongdoers do not deserve a second chance, adding that the innocent should be prioritized.

Viral meme targets human right advocates

Not every Filipino was forgiving on criminals. (Photo credit: Facebook)

The issue on the rising number of allegedly extra judicial killings was also picked up by international news publications including the New York Times. Some senators in the country and ambassadors have expressed their distress over the killings as well.

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