Viral Filipino divers respond to haters

Viral Filipino divers respond to haters

- The viral Filipino divers on social media responded in their respective ways regarding their zero-scoring performances during a diving event

- One of them quickly gave a statement on his Facebook account which expressed his gratefulness for the experience instead of replying to the haters

-  The event took place in last year’s Southeast Asian Games and not in the Rio Olympics unlike how everyone assumed

The spirits and amazing sportsmanship of the athletes from all over the world toppled every issue in this year’s Olympics. The competition held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil halted everyone’s schedule as they support their respective countries.

The Philippines was no exception as they went on an all-time high when Hidilyn Diaz brought home a silver medal in weightlifting – ending the 20-year Olympic drought. However, another set of Filipino athletes are garnering everyone’s attention but not really for the nicest reason.

A video of Filipino divers, John David Pahayo and John Elmerson Fabriga, went viral after their zero-scoring performances.

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Everyone easily assumed it happened during the current Olympics although it actually took place last year at the Southeast Asian Games.

Pahayo confidently walked in a plank and performed a backflip midway but you don’t have to be an expert to know that he didn’t do well. Considering that he was in a diving competition, his feet shouldn’t enter the water first.

Viral Filipino divers respond to haters
Pahayo’s landing gave him a zero total score in the event. (Photo credit: SGAG / Facebook)

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His teammate, Fabriga, didn’t do better as he ended up landing flat on his back.

Viral Filipino divers respond to haters
A zero score was also given to Fabriga. (Photo credit: SGAG / Facebook)

Shortly after the incident, the two became a laughing stock and the occasional taunts turned into bullying. Rather than being disheartened, Pahayo took the high road and gave a statement on his Facebook account

According to him, he never felt great pressure until then, also adding that though it’s over, more games have yet to come. He acknowledged his not-so-stellar dives but was thankful for the experience, nonetheless.

He also responded to the video of their performances.

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Admittedly, he also found himself laughing at his performance even though this wasn’t the first time he failed. But his pride in representing his country outweighed his bad experience. The athlete left a rhetorical question to his critics, asking if they can smile the same way he did after being embarrassed in front of many people.

Fabriga didn’t release his side on the matter but it surely takes a lot for someone to stay quiet given all the degrading comments he was getting.

True to Pahayo’s words, that event didn’t dampen their spirits as they joined the synchronized diving event on the same competition and despite not landing a place, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them around again.

Viral Filipino divers respond to haters
The duo’s sportsmanship was seen after their performances. (Photo credit: SGAG / Facebook)


The Philippines has sent 15 athletes to Rio as representatives of the country. Financial rewards were promised to every participant who can snag a medal in the competition.


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