7 Shocking videos of Chinese tourists behaving badly

7 Shocking videos of Chinese tourists behaving badly

Many tourists from Mainland China have received criticisms and complaints from people all over the world for their allegedly rude and boorish behavior in public. But is there any proof of this so-called unruly behavior displayed by Mainland Chinese tourists? Here are some videos of Mainland Chinese tourists who seem to be displaying unruly manners in public.

Nobody knows for sure how many of the Mainland Chinese tourists are rude, but seeing these video clips might help them improve their act and represent their country better.

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Shrimp galore

This group of Mainland Chinese tourists seems to really love shrimp. They love it so much that they literally fought each other for every piece.

Airport chaos

The video of this Thai model complaining about Mainland Chinese tourists has also gone viral. The clip shows the model ranting about the lack of discipline of the Chinese tourists after they refused to follow the airport queue. This rant video drew criticisms from Mainland Chinese netizens, who bashed and slammed the Thai model for posting the footage.

Seafood mania

These Mainland Chinese tourists seem to really like seafood. Watch them push each other, shout at each other, and block the other customers from getting some seafood. This is a really bizarre video that shows the power of food over humans.

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Gorgeous Venetian canal used as a bathtub

Venice, Italy is famous for its elegant, beautiful and scenic canals. This Chinese couple used one of the most popular Venetian canals as a bathtub.

In-demand fruit

The next clip shows another group of hungry Mainland Chinese tourists. The waitress in this restaurant seems to be really annoyed at the tourists who simply cannot wait to get their share of the fruit.

Street kings

This video taken in Thailand shows a group of Chinese tourists occupying the sidewalk and leaving a big bag on the road. This can be hazardous to vehicles and can create issues for pedestrians.

Airport brawl

The Chinese tourist in this video can be seen physically attacking a customs officer in the Philippines. Instead of restraining the woman, the male customs officer decided to fight back by slapping her hard.

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