Student kills friend with poisoned ice coffee

Student kills friend with poisoned ice coffee

- Jessica Wongso was charged for the death of her friend, Mirna Salihin, after allegedly putting 298 mg of cyanide in her drink

- The two met at a restaurant in Indonesia, along with another former schoolmate from Sidney, when Wongso executed her plan

- It was reportedly done as a revenge after Salihin advised Wongso to call it off with her boyfriend in mid-2015 after finding out he was ‘rough’ and a ‘drug user’

A supposedly reunion of three friends who met each other in a design school in Sidney turned to be the final moments of one of them as another allegedly poisoned her drink.

27-year old Jessica Kumala Wongso arrived ahead of her former schoolmates at Olivier Restaurant in the Grand Indonesian Mall. Reports say that she ordered her friend Mirna Salihin’s favorite drink, and blocked it from other customers’ view with three gift bags as she proceeded to pour a huge amount of cyanide.

Student kills friend with poisoned ice coffee

The two have been friends for 7 years. (Photo credit: DailyMail)

When Salihin and Boon Juwita – another alumnus of the Billy Blue Design College in Australia – showed up, Wongso stood to greet the pair and offered Salihin her iced coffee, “This is for you Mir, you said you wanted [it.]”

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Salihin was grateful and drank the beverage, but afterwards claimed how it tasted ‘awful.’

Juwita, fondly called by her peers as Hani, took a closer look at the iced coffee and noticed its yellowish color. After taking a sniff, she decided to sip a little and felt a burning sensation – similar to what Salihin experienced.

Student kills friend with poisoned ice coffee

Salihin died when Wongso poisoned her ice coffee. (Photo credit:

Within two minutes, foam formed at the mouth of Salihin until she collapsed on the sofa with a ‘blank look.’

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Concerned, Hani repeatedly called out to her and started shaking her but Wongso remained quiet and unhelpful during the ordeal.

Findings of the autopsy revealed that there was an anomaly in her stomach, which was later identified to be caused by the 298 mg amount of cyanide – over the lethal dose that Salihin could possibly handle.

Student kills friend with poisoned ice coffee

Wongso was revealed to have been suffering serious mental health problems. (Photo credit: DailyMail)

Prosecutors found out that Wongso planned her friend’s death as a ‘revenge’ for instructing the former to break up with her boyfriend in Australia back in 2015; noting that her beau was ‘rough’ and a ‘drug user.’ The two had a fall out following the advice – which Wongso eventually listened to.

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The suspect contacted Salihin a day before she returned back to Indonesia through online messaging program WhatsApp and was assumed to have devised the plan even prior to her reaching out.

Student kills friend with poisoned ice coffee

Husband of Salihin was devastated when he found out what his wife went through. (Photo credit: Daily Mail)

The Australian Federal Police were cooperative on the case and provided the Indonesian Police the necessary documents that described Wongso’s behavior in the country a year before the incident took place – informing the authorities that the Australian resident was suffering serious mental health problems.

In the span of 12 months, Wongso had been involved with alleged murder, suicide attempts, threatening colleagues, road accident brought by alcohol, speculations of vandalism on her ex-boyfriend’s vehicle, and an apprehended violence order he took out against her.

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However, Wongso’s lawyer argued that the files have been ‘misused’ by the Indonesian police.

Student kills friend with poisoned ice coffee

Wongso’s lawyers defend that their client’s documents from Australia have been misused by local authorities. (Photo credit: Daily Mail)

The incident occurred on January 6, 2016, with Wongso keeping in touch with Salihin even before she arrived back from Australia on December 5, 2015.

In an interview with ABC, Salihin’s husband Arief Soemarko said, “She’s obviously in pain. Several times she wave[s] her hand at her mouth,” referring to the footage of the tragedy.

“I’m really devastated on how she felt that day,” Soemarko added.


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