Child who studies under a street light went viral

Child who studies under a street light went viral

- Photos of a child studying during night time under a streetlamp in the province of Davao went viral, gaining not only attention but also inspiration from netizens

- One Brian Parantar posted the photos on his Facebook who saw the child himself

- Parantar revealed that the child went there to finish his assignments because their house has no electricity

Child who studies under a street light went viral

Luxury Lumabong studies under a street lamp in Davao City. (Photo from Brian Parantar Facebook)

Facebook user Brian Parantar posted on August 8, 2016, three photos of a child studying under a streetlamp.  The heart-warming photos of this child went viral and had netizens inspired.

The child is identified as Luxury Lumabong who lives in Purok 1 Balete Peñano Street Calinan in Davao City.

Parantar said he saw with his own eyes how the child was full of perseverance. In his Facebook post, he described his experience upon meeting Luxury Lumabong.

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One night, while he was on his way to Romandiyas in Calinan, Davao City, he came across this street where he saw a child studying under a lamp post. According to him, he felt pain at that moment.

“May nakita akong bata na nag-aaral sa kalsada. Nasaktan ako ng lubos sa nakita ko,” he said.

(I saw a child studying along the street. I was hurt with what I witnessed.)

Parantar said that the child was doing his homework at the same time studying hard while on the side of the street, besides a post. He shared the child was merely relying on the street light because his family cannot afford to have electricity at home where he was supposed to be staying at.

Child who studies under a street light went viral

This child studies on the side of the street  just to finish his assignments. (Photo from Brian Parantar Facebook)

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“Nagsikap mag-aral yung bata at gumawa nang kanyang assignment sa gilid nang daan na may poste dahil sa kapos at sa hirap niya di rin siya maka bili ng sarili niyang ilaw,” Parantar said in his post.

(The child shows effort in studying and doing his assignments at the side of street with a lamp post because being marginalized and poor deprived them of having enough sources to buy light.)

The child, according to Pantanar, has told him something that made him to almost shed tears.

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“May sinabi siya sakin na ‘nag-aaral po ako nang mabuti kuya, grade 2 palang ako kuya’. Naiiyak ako sa sinabi ng bata. Kasi sa ganitong edad pa ay naglalaro pa, pero itong bata na ito ay na iiba kasi nagsisikap siya para sa kanyang kinabukasan,” Pantanar shared.

(He told me that ‘I am studying hard brother, I am only in Grade 2 brother.’ I almost cried with what the child said. Kids of the same age like him should be playing, but this child is different because he strives for his future.)

He also expressed admiration towards the child’s determination despite the lack of material things available to him.

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Child who studies under a street light went viral

(Photo from Brian Parantar Facebook)

“Bilib ako sa bata na ito kasi merong ibang bata na may kompletong materyales, merong pang ilaw sa bahay tapos di pa nagsisikap sa pag-aaral,” he furthered.

(I admire this child because there are other children complete with resources, who have source of lights in their homes but show no interest in education.)

For those who want to help Luxury Lumabong, he studies at Calinan Central Elementary School in Davao City. You may also reach him through this mobile number provided by Brian Parantar on his Facebook post, 09504221069. - Kami Media

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