VIDEO: Man urinates on his boss after winning the lottery

VIDEO: Man urinates on his boss after winning the lottery

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A video of an employee beating up his boss and urinating on him after winning the lottery has gone viral. Many netizens were outraged at the behavior of the man towards his boss after suddenly becoming rich.

The CCTV footage shows the man working quietly in the office with his co-workers. After learning that he won the lottery, the man started jumping up and down and running around the office like a madman. Naturally, his co-workers were visibly freaked out by his actions.

After causing chaos in the workroom, the employee entered the office of his boss. What he did next was shocking!

VIDEO: Man urinates on his boss after winning the lottery

Photo: YouTube

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He knocked down his boss and started physically abusing him. The female worker inside the office was also knocked down out of her shock for what was happening.

What made the video more shocking is when the employee stood on the desk and started urinating on his boss.

While many netizens were happy that he could help his family with his lottery winnings, most of them did not appreciate his actions towards his boss.

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“Money can make some people dumb,” an online user said.

“This moron will face assault charges for pepper spraying his boss as well as assault charges when he relieved himself on the boss, and kiss that money goodbye in a civil lawsuit,” another viewer commented.

However, some netizens cheered the employee’s hostile actions.

“I will do the same on my boss and co-workers,” a netizen declared.

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