Errors found in President's drug list

Errors found in President's drug list

- President Duterte released a drug list naming government officials, military officers, judges, police officers contained errors that didn’t escape the eye of the careful observer

- Names were misspelled, details were incorrect and outdated

- Some purported drug dealers or users were actually dead or have retired from service

Making mistakes here and there is common; however, if the error pertains to an outright imputation of guilt on a person, such may be unforgivable.

President Duterte has recently released his infamous list of men tagged by the present administration as involved in illegal drugs.

Errors found in President's drug list

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The list involved government officials like mayors and governors. Judges were also included, as well as police officials.

Upon close scrutiny of the Duterte list however, it revealed some errors, which may have either been missed by those who prepared the list, or really intended to be included.

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Error 1: Misspellings

One slight misspelling in the name of individual can put another individual at risk despite being innocent. It was found that some names were misspelled, thereby creating fear in those who share the same surnames.

Error 2: Outrageously outdated

The second error really created an uproar since there were those in the list who have already died. Some of those dead ones include Ex-Mayor of Talipao, Sulu, Benahar Tulawie, which was later confirmed by the National Citizens’ Movement.

Errors found in President's drug list

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Some of the judges tagged as involved in drugs were likewise dead. Chief Justice Maria Lourdes P. Sereno pointed out to the President how erroneous his list was.

Judge Roberto Natividad was killed in 2008. Judge Rene Gonzales retired on June 2016. Judge Exequil Dagala does not have jurisdiction over drugs cases, same with Judge Gonzales. Another judge was a family court judge, which likewise does not have jurisdiction over drugs cases.

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When the letter of Justice Sereno came out, the President retorted, why must he exempt those who have already been dead?

In addition to Sereno’s own list, one general had already died.

Error 3: Wrong Qualifications

Some individuals were wrongly “classified.” One person, named as a congressman wasn’t actually a lawmaker.

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Aside from Sereno who pointed out the errors on the President’s list, Senator Leila De Lima likewise expressed her concerns. A famous Philippine litigator, Atty. Raymond Fortun, also aired his opinion on the error-ridden drug list. – SD, Kami Media

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