Poop truck explodes on the road flooding cars with poop (video)

Poop truck explodes on the road flooding cars with poop (video)

– The incident happened on the road in Moscow, Russia

– Giant truck transporting “poop water” suddenly exploded flooding every single car around with stinky slime

– For the whole video of the incident scroll down the page


The “stinky” incident took place on the full road in daylight in Moscow, Russia. Drivers were staying on the red light as the “poop truck” exploded sending hundreds littlres of poop water on the road and almost every single car.

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You can see how a white car turned into a brown one just in one moment.

One reddit user commented the situation saying that it was methane gas that had exploded. Read the full explanation below:

I used to drive one of these trucks, so I can explain. When you're driving around with a truck full of feces, there is an inherent build-up of methane gas. Each one of these trucks is equipped with a release valve that will vent the gas in small amounts as the truck is going about its day. This truck most likely did not have a proper valve installed, or the valve was clogged and malfunctioned.

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The only other thing I can see happening is that the waste corroded the steel bolts used to secure the back end of the truck, causing them to fail. Waste matter corrodes the hell out of steel, so the bolts need to be replaced every ~5 years or with proper maintenance.

You can watch the whole footage below.



Source: KAMI.com.gh

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