Spine-chilling footage of specter captured in haunted mansion

Spine-chilling footage of specter captured in haunted mansion

– Mark Vernon claims he is ghost hunter and can speak and hear ghosts

– Now he caught one spirit on camera in haunted house

– You can see a strange “cloud” flying across the mansion

Mark Vernon filmed creepy footage of some kind of paranormal being at a heavily-haunted 17th-century mansion at East Riddlesden Hall in Keighley, West Yorkshire.

Man claims to have the ability to both hear and speak to spirits. His footage shows a strange “cloud” drifting around in front of the camera. He said that once he found the specter it followed him around the property.

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50-year-old Mark says he has been investigating the paranormal activities for three decades. “As soon as I became aware of it we started filming,” he says. “Initial contact was made downstairs but then we caught it again when we moved upstairs. I can hear spirits and speak to them, so I get lots of attention from them.

“There were quite a few spirits present in the hall. I would love to return there and do a full night time investigation, but unfortunately I haven't been able to get permission to do that.”

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Most famous ghost of this ancient mansion is the Grey Lady. The story stems from the Civil War, when the house owner returned from battle and discovered that his wife cheated on him.

It’s believed he killed the man and trapped his wife in a room to die from starvation. She is said to roam the corridors seeking her lost lover.

“There are a number of legends surrounding these ghostly sightings,” Helen Clarke, from the National Trust, said. “Including the story of the Grey Lady, but thankfully there have never been any reports of anyone ever feeling threatened by a presence.”

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You can watch the spooky footage below.

Source: KAMI.com.gh

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