WATCH: What foreigners think of Philippine presidentiables

WATCH: What foreigners think of Philippine presidentiables

The Philippine campaign period is a mix of mudslinging, name-calling, fist fight-threatening circus and personality-driven show business. We, Filipinos, have grown used to that.

But what if you have no idea about Philippine history and politics? What if you have never heard of the candidates running for president? What if you have to choose who to vote for based only on their looks?

In a new video, Filipino comedian Mikey Bustos asks foreigners from different countries to describe our presidentiables based only on one photo each.

Their answers are quite revealing and nothing short of hilarious.

Sen. Grace Poe was described as motherly and a sweet aunt. The foreigners thought she is an intelligent, no bullshit kind of leader, but still graceful and a "nice enough lady". One respondent, though, thought she looks like she works at a post-office.

Vice President Jejomar Binay looks either like an old teacher or a religious leader. First impressions are he's serious but with a fun streak. Although, a few of the foreigners compared him to a farmer, a sari-sari store owner, or a watermelon vendor in China. He also kinda looks like Yoda.

The respondents thought Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago is very stern and very scary, kind of like the old villains in dramas or the Harry Potter films. Either way, she looks "100% dead serious." Plus points, she looks like she's "reflecting on how to conquer the world from the Philippines."

Davao mayor Rodrigo Duterte, meanwhile, looks like a taxi driver or a drug lord. He seems likely to enjoy a few drinks, but looks truthful and has a "pure heart."

Lastly, former interior secretary Mar Roxas resembles a businessman or a college professor. He is the "most elegant guy" of the bunch and looks very well-educated.

Bustos also asked the foreigners who they think is the wealthiest, the toughest, and the most trustworthy.

Poe wins the wealthiest question, because according to the American respondent: "You know she went to Belo, she got that skin whitening."

Santiago is the toughest, followed by Duterte.

And the most trustworthy? The foreigners judged it to be Roxas, by a far margin.

The respondents also picked their presidents based only on one photo. Watch the video to see who wins.

At the end of the video, Bustos reminds his viewers to be intelligent voters: "Don't judge a book by its cover lang. Know your candidates and vote!"


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