VIDEO: 6 Freak accidents caught on camera

VIDEO: 6 Freak accidents caught on camera

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Freak accidents refer to harmful incidents which occur under highly unlikely and unusual circumstances. These kinds of accident remind us how fragile human life is and how unpredictable the world can be. Here are some of the most shocking and terrifying freak accidents caught on video.

Woman crushed by a shopping cart in a grocery store

CCTV camera shows a woman descending a modified escalator meant to make it easier for shoppers to move from floor to floor. The freak accident took place when an out-of-control shopping cart containing over 300 pounds of beverages crashed on to the unsuspecting woman.

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Big wall collapses on pedestrians

Due to strong winds and poor building materials, a big wall in china suddenly collapsed on a group of pedestrians walking on the sidewalk. The freak accident took place in Lanzhou, Gansu, China.

Chinese teen loses hair while eating corn

How likely is it for a person to lose her hair while eating corn? It is very likely to happen if you eat corn attached to a huge drill, like what happened to this poor Chinese teen.

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Football match’s flying sign boards

Football players are always prepared for physical contact from the opposing players. However, these football players were not prepared to be hit with great force by flying sign boards caused by strong winds.

Pregnant woman stuck in street rail

A street guard rail made of metal is supposed to protect pedestrians from harm and danger. Unfortunately, a pregnant woman in China became dizzy while walking alone in the street and fell on the metal rail. Her neck was caught in between two of the rails.

Roller coaster scare

A mother and her son rode a roller coaster in a theme park. However, the son’s height was apparently too short for the ride, which almost resulted in his death as he was choked and suffocated by the safety belt on the roller coaster. A few more seconds and the child would have died.

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