Catch these funniest Pokémon Go hugot lines!

Catch these funniest Pokémon Go hugot lines!

- Filipinos couldn’t help but relate their hugot lines to the new mobile craze, Pokémon Go

- They share their feelings on Twitter and Facebook by making use of the game’s features

- Some even create a pun out of the names of Pokémon and link it to their heartbreak

Admit it. You saw this coming, didn’t you?

What started as a simple sharing of heartbreaking experiences and deeply concealed emotions soon became the untiring trend of the youth. From relatable lines that originated from movies, TV shows, novels – sometimes even accompanied with memes, to Pokémon Go. It seems that the #hugot generation will not easily allow any talk-of-the-town to pass without branding it with some feelings.

While most are enjoying the augmented reality game has to offer, others could not help but still pull out some hugot lines as they proceed on their Pokémon training.

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1. Sadly, there is not enough Pokéballs in the world.

While capturing wild Pokémon is an easy feat for most players, it seems that they have a hard time facing reality without the necessary device in doing so.

Catch these funniest Pokémon Go hugot lines!
Catch these funniest Pokémon Go hugot lines!

These trainers have more on their plate than catching Pokémon. (Photo credit: Facebook)

2. The search for ‘the one.’

A lot of walking and jogging is included in the package if you plan on succeeding in the game. However, all the efforts one must exert just to find a Pokémon have reminded those with a bitter past and hopeful future of their #feels.

Catch these funniest Pokémon Go hugot lines!

There’s always the option to look like a Pokémon to have a blossoming love life. (Photo credit: Facebook)

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3. But not every Pokémon is here to stay.

Cue the cracking noise of your heart breaking into pieces when you thought you finally got the monster but they obviously had no plans of being tied down. Guess the famous saying, “if you love someone, you should set them free,” is true, huh?

4. As people change, Pokémon do too.

Time plays as a factor on people’s development and the same goes for Pokémon – as long as you have the appropriate amount of candies needed.

5. Even the names bring out the pain.

The lyrics of the theme song of the franchise, its famous tag line, Pokémon names, or even the game itself – nothing escapes the wrath of people who have been scorned.

Catch these funniest Pokémon Go hugot lines!

Somebody chooses you instead of their powerful set of Pokémon, now that’s a keeper. (Photo credit: Facebook)

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The popular mobile app produced by Niantic, Inc. has been released in the Philippines last weekend. Since then, social media websites were filled with screenshots or stories about Pokémon Go. Public locations such as malls, monuments, and even restaurants attract players with the help of the game’s lure feature.

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