Pakistani allegedly stabs Filipina 66 times

Pakistani allegedly stabs Filipina 66 times

- A Filipina was stabbed 66 times after being involved in a dispute with their building’s Pakistani watchman

- The suspect forced his way in the OFW’s unit armed with weapons; he then proceeded to drop an aquarium on the woman’s head to ensure her death

- Though he pleaded it was done unintentionally, prosecutors refuted his claims by reasoning that his carrying of weapons describe otherwise

A 26-year old Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) was found dead in her Indian boyfriend’s flat after she was allegedly stabbed 66 times by the Pakistani watchman of their building in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The primary suspect identified as K.T. appeared at the Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday, August 7, for the incident that occurred on February this year.

According to police reports ahead of the hearing, K.T. narrated the tragic turn of events that led to Filipina Lenlie Silpao Oliverio’s death.

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A heated argument ensued between the two when Oliverio planned to step out of her room while the watchman was mopping the floor. He then instructed her to return inside and leave once he was done cleaning. This caused Oliverio to feel annoyed and kicked the bucket of water that K.T. was using before heading back in.

Pakistani allegedly stabs Filipina 66 times

Oliverio died on February 18 with multiple stabs on her body. (Photo credit:

Intent on getting even with the Filipina, K.T. knocked on Oliverio’s door with a knife and screw driver in hand. At first, he reasoned of having to repair the woman’s fire alarm but eventually forced his way in.

K.T. stabbed Oliverio multiple times in her belly until she went down. When the knife’s handle broke, he attempted to continue the action with the screw driver but the Filipina still managed to fight him off until he was able to grab a hold of another knife from her kitchen.

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When the 24-year old watchman noticed that Oliverio was still breathing, he dropped an aquarium on her head to ensure her death.

The OFW's body was found by her boyfriend in the evening of the same day.

Pakistani allegedly stabs Filipina 66 times

The Filipina had been staying with her boyfriend for 30 months. (Photo credit:

The watchman was initially not included in the list of the suspects as he was cooperating with the case, but police officers noticed light injuries and scratches all over his body. Later on, K.T. surrendered himself to the authorities though he pleaded not guilty to the court with the defense that he had not done the action intentionally.

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However, prosecutors refuted his claims – noting that he was carrying weapons, and even took one from the victim’s unit.

“Yes, I stabbed her but I did not intend to kill her. We had a heated argument and we fought… I did cause her death but I had not planned to do so in advance. I stole her money and then I returned it,” the suspect insisted.

The hearing will reconvene on August 23, with presiding judge Mohammad Jamal saying that the court will provide a lawyer to defend K.T.


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