VIDEO: 8 Scary & Creepy CCTV footages

VIDEO: 8 Scary & Creepy CCTV footages

Due to the widespread use of CCTV (Closed-circuit television) in streets, business establishments, facilities and homes, many netizens have become fascinated in looking at different footages showing crimes, near-death experiences, violence, and seemingly supernatural events in real life.

Here are some of the scariest, most exciting, thrilling and amazing CCTV footages that might shock you.

Hopefully, these clips can help viewers become more aware of the dangers that surround us every day.

The case of Elisa Lam remains to be a mystery up to this day. The CCTV footage shows Elisa seemingly talking to someone invisible, pushing the elevator buttons, and moving in a very creepy manner.

She was later found inside the hotel’s rooftop water tank dead. Investigators wondered how the woman was able to reach the water tank and get inside it. Autopsy reports say that there were no alcohol or drugs in her system.

Many people are afraid of seeing clowns even at birthday parties. Imagine seeing one hiding your bed!

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The CCTV footage of a man who seems to have been possessed by an evil spirit has also gone viral. Others say that the man was mentally ill while others say that the man was just trying to pull off a prank.

This video shows an employee seemingly encountering a “playful” but scary ghost inside a video store during the night. The alleged ghost kept on knocking down DVDs inside the store. The man kept his composure at first but he finally got scared at the end.

This CCTV footage shows an off-duty firefighter encountering a masked robber in a convenience store. Instead of fleeing the scene, the heroic man wrestled with the knife-wielding robber and successfully took away his weapon. He pinned him to the ground until a cop came along to arrest the robber.

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This creepy video shows a burglar stealing gadgets and cash from the house. But what made this video scary is that the burglar can be seen staring creepily at an innocent baby. What could he be thinking while looking at the infant?

Sleeping on a couch should be a peaceful and relaxing moment. But when a couple checked their CCTV at home, they saw a man breaking into their house and watching them sleep on the couch for 10 minutes.

Many people who watch action movies with car chase scenes usually find the car crashes to be too exaggerated and implausible. This CCTV footage shows a crazy car crash that looks to have been taken from an over-the-top action flick!

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