BBM gets rough treatment in UP Visayas

BBM gets rough treatment in UP Visayas

HIGHLIGHT: While the comeback of presidential candidate Senator Miriam Santiago was well-received by the crowd in Iloilo City, Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr.(BBM) was taunted and at one point close to being physically mauled in their campaign. Most angry people were the victims of Martial law.

In a forum organized by the University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV), running mates Santiago and Marcos was seen together in sortie which marks the former's return to campaigning.

But just before the forum started, tension rose when protesters shouted at young Marcos. They called him a thief.

Complete with placards and streamers, there were around 30 protesters from the Campaign Against the Return of Marcoses to Malacañang (CAARMA). Some students of UPV also joined them in chanting "Never Again To Martial Law.

Cynthia Deduro, who was detained from January 1974 until May 1975, was among those who flocked outside the campus of UPV, she said, “We suffered under his father’s rule and his family benefited from its ill-gotten wealth. But he and his family have shown no remorse which makes our horrors more painful.”

In the streets, drivers of vehicles sounded their horns expressing support in the protest.

CAARMA members in Manila are joined by professors, journalists and former statesmen.

Photo Credits: Inquirer

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