10 tweets that prove Filipinos are the funniest!

10 tweets that prove Filipinos are the funniest!

- Despite the everyday hurdles of a Filipino, their humor is still evident especially on Twitter

- The social media site serves as an avenue for them to share their humorous tweets which they experience in real-life scenarios or something they made up

- Some of the tweets in the list were picked up from conversations while others took the chance to turn a serious situation into a funny one

Amidst the everyday headlines of drug-related killings, long list of corrupted government officials, and the woes of Filipino commuters, you must think it will be hard to find a reason to laugh. Apparently, it does not apply to Filipinos - the fact that the Philippines rank 82 in the happiest nations on Earth says a lot.

The Filipino humor is very much still alive and if you can’t find it on your Facebook timeline, it must be lurking in everyone’s favorite social media site, Twitter.

Here are the 10 tweets that prove that Filipinos will always find something to laugh about!

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1. The last place this user expected to get a Math lesson from was in a fast food restaurant.

2. Who doesn’t love Waze? It’s the only reason why we never get lost in the streets! But this user suggested a very nice change.

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3. The State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Duterte should be a serious matter but given the different caption, it can end up being really funny.

4. Who ever thought you couldn’t apply your ‘hugot’ lines in Jollibee?

5. Someone finally composed the perfect tweet to describe what users feel when Twitter just won’t give the users an ‘Edit Tweet’ feature.

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6. This user who takes things way too literally. Can we get a follow-up tweet how did the cashier react?

7. This one might be harder to decipher if you’re not familiar with the author but it’s funny so try it anyway!

8. There were a lot of opinions shared when Pacquiao decided to enter the senate race. The funniest one might have to be this one.

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9. If this is a real course, we all have our doctorate degrees by then.

10. Someone somewhere could totally relate at that time your parents won’t stop nitpicking your computer habits.

In a survey done by Nielsen in January 2016, out of the 1004 Filipino respondents, 54% use the social media site to keep themselves updated on daily news. 54% of the content of their tweets are usually jokes and that 69% of them use Twitter on a daily basis.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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