These NBA Top 10 shots will surely amaze you

These NBA Top 10 shots will surely amaze you

- WATCH the video below to see 10 of the most amazing shots by NBA pointguards

- Stephen Curry, Mario Chalmers, Kyrie Irving and many more make the top 10

- From buzzer beaters, to trick shots, to jump shots, this top 10 list will surely amaze

10. Mario Chalmers

Purely amazing! Memphis’ point guard, Mario Chalmers, saves his team against Detroit. With his amazing recovery of the ball, Chalmers stays focused and easily drops a 2 pointer for his team. This amazing stunt makes the Memphis take the lead and win the 4 quarter and the game. This play most be recognized as the 10th of the top point guard plays.

9. Kyle Lowry

With the Miami Heat leading by three in the 4 quarter, the Raptors needed more than a miracle to save them. Good thing they had Kyle Lowery. With his astonishing half-court shot he gets a three for his team sending them to overtime for another dual with the Heats.

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8. Kyrie Irving

These NBA Top 10 shots will surely amaze you

(Screenshot from youtube)

Irving humiliates the Golden State boys when he steals from Curry, drives past Draymond Green and drops a shot with his LEFT HAND while being FOULED. He gets a free throw and the spot for number 8 in the best point guard plays.

7. Russell Westbrook

Oklahoma thunder point guard Russell Westbrook does something strange in a game. He plays with his opponent, giving him the ball in an inbound. Well at least that what he did when he bounced the ball off Rodney Hood’s back just to recover it and finishes with a beautiful jump shot. The stunt was both surprising and well played, earning Westbrook a spot for number 7.

6. Deron Williams

These NBA Top 10 shots will surely amaze you

Deron Williams (Photo from NBA)

With less than 2 seconds on the clock, Dallas was about to loss against the Kings by just two points. Its ok the plan is simple just make a three. Seems easy, well at least that was what Deron Williams made it look like when he got the inbound, did a fake, and easily dropped a three for his team. This play made his team lead by one, win the game, and a spot for number 6.

5. Stephen Curry

Well you may think you saw all the stunts of Curry, guess again. He amazes us, for the nth time, by stealing the ball, dribbling past some Grizzlies, loses the ball, recovers it, does ballet and drops a lay-up passed the three point line. Well whatever you call that earned a spot for the 5.

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4. Emmanuel Mudiay

Shooting three point shots are already hard for some people. Now try doing it with at least two professional NBA player guarding you, several meters from the three point line, and 3 seconds left before you lose. Well Emmanuel Mudiay does it and makes the shot, winning the game against Philadelphia.

3. Russell Westbrook

Speaking about impossible past-three-point-line-shots, let us appreciate Westbrook again. His team is about to lose the game as well. Down by two with around 3 seconds left, Westbrook gives his all and drops, yes, an “impossible past-three-point-line-shots”. Guess NBA point guards love their dramatic finish at the three point lines.

2. Kyrie Irving

He is back with his humiliation streak. This time he faces Stephen Curry alone. He shows off his crossovers and does a back step, making distance from Curry. With enough space he goes for a three pointer over Curry and makes it. This humiliating three gives him a spot for 2 place in the best plays done by point guards.

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1. Stephen Curry

These NBA Top 10 shots will surely amaze you

Stephen Curry (Photo from NBA)

Finally the one you all were waiting for. The last play of this collection goes to none other than Curry. Guess what he does an “impossible past-three-point-line-shots” for the win. This time he has less than 6 seconds to make it from the baseline to the opponents ring. Well why go all the way there? Why not take it from the half court? Well that is exactly what he did and made it. Giving his team another victory.

The plays were all great to watch. Hopefully you enjoy it too. Watch the video and see it for yourself. SHARE with your friends and family. - Kami Media




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