Duterte: be loyal to your country

Duterte: be loyal to your country

- President and Commander-in-Chief Rodrigo Duterte reminded the Philippine military to be loyal to the Constitution and to love the Philippines as they do their duties and obligations to protect the country and the Filipinos

- The police and military were given a go signal to kill by the President in order to combat the illegal drug trade that has destroyed many lives of Filipinos

- In return for their support to his leadership, Duterte vowed that he will be loyal to these men as well

Loyalty to the Constitution should be upheld at all times by the country’s military, President Rodrigo Duterte reminded the soldiers over the weekend.

Duterte: be loyal to your country

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Growing up with a father who was also from the ranks of the military, Duterte spoke before the soldiers at the Armed Forces’ central command in Cebu where he stated that he can empathize with the adversities and challenges that a soldier and its family have to face.

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The country’s commander-in-chief emphasized, ‘I feel strongly for the soldiers. I don’t need anything from you. I do not need your personal loyalty for me. Just love your country. Obey the Constitution, period.

The Presidential Security Group was also urged by the President to do the same so that they could better serve the interests of the whole country.

The President has been consistently reminding troops that he has no intention to form a coalition partnership with the Red although his intentions to initiate peace talks and agreements with the Communist Party of the Philippines is still laid on the table.

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In a separate statement, Duterte admitted that there is a partnership between him and the police and the military which is instrumental in combatting the illegal drug trade in the country. Further, he declared that he gave a go signal to the military and the police that permits them to kill those who are involved in the illegal drug trade and to neutralize the drug groups which have destroyed many Filipino families because of the negative effects that illegal drugs could bring.

And I feel for my soldiers and Davao City really improve to what it is now because of the police and the military. Iyon talaga ang totoo don (That is the truth). Sino naman pala ang uutusan ko na oumatay niyan? Eh ‘di pulis pati military (To whom will I give my orders to kill those people? Of course to the police and military),’ Duterte said.

While Duterte asked the police and military to be loyal to the country, he promised that he will do the same to them in exchange for their support for his leadership. The President vowed to defend his men from the criticisms and legal challenges that they will have to face due to his strong anti-drug campaign.

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He added, ‘I mean I had the full cooperation. And in return I was also loyal to my men. Human Rights (concern) tayo dito. But you know, talagang inaalagaan ko. At wala naman nasabit because I was there to protect them. So ang sundalo pati pulis malakas ang loob.’

(This involves Human Rights concerns. But you know, I am really looking after them. And no one was arrested because I was there to protect them. That is why the military and police have the audacity.) –Kami Media


Source: Kami.com.ph

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