Pinoys come up with business using Pokemon GO

Pinoys come up with business using Pokemon GO

Pinoys woke up on a beautiful Saturday morning with the news that game developer Niantic Labs has launched Pokemon GO in Asia and Oceania and adding 15 countries on the list where Pokemon trainers can roam and catch Pokemons.

It has only been hours since the developer launched the game in the Philippines; however, creative Pinoys has started cashing in the game.

Pinoys come up with business using Pokemon GO

Scribner managed to capture a Squirtle which also led to the end of a relationship. (Photo credit:

Below are the top five business ideas that Pinoys have thought of upon the launch of Pokemon GO here in the Philippines.

Register business as Pokemon Gym or PokeStop

Eastwood Mall, Country Mall, Victory Liner and Antiteasis: Books and Brews are only some of the businesses that have utilized Pokemon GO to grow their business. The establishments have registered their businesses as Pokemon Gyms and PokeStops to lure consumers. Pokemon Gyms and PokeStops are essentially like checkpoints for gamers as they are engaged in a battle in gyms, while healing their Pokemons in PokeStops.

Driving service

Have you seen Pokemon GO Chauffeurs on Facebook? Pokemon GO entails walking for miles in order to catch a Pokemon or search for a gym or PokeStop. The group offers driving service to gamers that will save them from walking the dangerous streets of the metro. The group claims that it offers safe, convenient, and you level up fast upon using their service.

Rent-a-wifi or tether hotspot

Pokemon GO requires being online or to have data access in order to play the game. Some people posted on social media that they are renting their wifi or allow people to connect in a tethered hotspot when other gamers are in the area.

Create hunting party

There is strength in numbers. Some people want to hunt for Pokemons with others. In a hunting party, there is a lesser chance to be robbed. Moreover, gamers can catch Pokemons by using Incense or Lure Module.

Host Lure Module

Some businesses and people cast a Lure Module, which attracts Pokemons, for a fee. However, Lure Modules can be casted only on PokeStops. Thus, it is an advantage to have a PokeStop near you.

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