Alan Cayetano fires back at De Lima

Alan Cayetano fires back at De Lima

- Senator Alan Cayetano countered fellow Senator Leila De Lima’s privilege speech that called out the continuous killings of drug suspects

- The senator rebutted by recalling Duterte’s threat against police officials who plans to exploit people

- De Lima mentioned the violation of human rights and called for the senate’s action without being swayed by the popularity of the president

Senator Alan Cayetano countered his colleague in the senate, Leila De Lima, who blasted the increasing number of killings following President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign against drugs.

As the running mate of Duterte in the national elections, Cayetano cried foul over the conclusions and criticisms against the head of the state.  He also tried to question the former Department of Justice (DOJ) secretary but she cited senate rules and declined.

This happened right after De Lima delivered her first privilege speech as a senator and probed, what she called, the “do-it-yourself justice system.”

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Alan Cayetano fires back at De Lima

While Duterte successfully led the presidential elections, Cayetano conceded to Leni Robredo in the Vice President race. (Photo credit:

She called out on the alarming state of people who carried the law all by themselves with the help of a cardboard, an acrylic marker, and the weapon to kill anyone. This, according to her, overlooked police investigations, prosecutors, judges, and the system itself.

De Lima called for the murders to stop and for the senate to react on these executions without being influenced by the president’s popularity. She said that in the campaign against criminality, they shouldn’t applaud criminal methods just because it doesn’t directly affect them.

Different media outlets have already totaled more than 500 deaths of alleged drug suspects while the Philippine National Police’s tally isn’t far with their estimation close to 400.

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Alan Cayetano fires back at De Lima

De Lima’s speech didn’t sit well with Cayetano so the latter answered back during a speech of his own. (Photo credit:

Included in the speech is the lady senator’s denial of the allegations that she didn’t do anything to stop the trade of illegal drugs when she was a part of the Aquino administration.

Her accusations didn’t set well with the 45-year old senator who expressed his sympathy at first if De Lima was being wrongly accused. After that, he immediately pointed out that the president never declared his support for any form of summary killings. He even commended Duterte who called out police officials who are planning to abuse their power.

In his retort against De Lima’s take on criminality, Cayetano shared that the Philippines has a 13% drop in crime.

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Alan Cayetano fires back at De Lima

De Lima took the opportunity to also defend herself from the people who are discrediting her as the former DOJ secretary. (Photo credit:

Senators Riza Hontiveros and Francis Pangilinan who shared the same political party with De Lima also raised the same concerns as hers in relation to the killings.

Senator Cayetano has already been elected as the chief of the Department of Foreign Affairs. However, he would need to wait for the one-year ban to be over before he can step up to the position.


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