Woman gave birth to dead frog

Woman gave birth to dead frog

- Liza Ayuban, a young mother from Maguindanao, had given birth to a frog

- According to reports, Ayuban's newborn had been dead at childbirth and was buried in the backyard

- One doctor theorized how the pregnancy could have been possible

Liza Ayuban, a woman from Barangay Sarmiento, Parang Maguindanao, gave birth to a "frog".

The 28-year-old housemaid from Maguindanao had reportedly had labor pains at around 1:00 a.m, and by 7:00 a.m. the next day, has given birth to a dead frog with the help of Teofila Marnat, a 61-year old midwife in the area. The newborn frog had been the size of the palm of a grown-up and is just slightly bigger than a standard frog.

Ayuban said that during her first checkup - when she was three months pregnant - the doctor had said that the embryo was normal.

Woman gave birth to dead frog

Woman in Maguindanao gives birth to a frog.

(Photo credit: GMA)

On her second checkup during the fifth month of her pregnancy, Ayuban was told that the baby was malnourished. On her seventh month of pregnancy, the doctor told Ayuban that the baby was too small to survive childbirth.

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People continue to speculate how it could have happened.

When the young mother said that during her pregnancy, she used to urinate and bathe at the nearby river, one doctor had formed a very specific thought on the bizarre childbirth. She speculated that the sperm of a frog may have inadvertently entered Ayuban's privates and impregnated her.

"In fact, my kids often play with them. Sometimes they even kill the frogs," she said in Cebuano. She also said that there were numerous frogs in her lawn and some of them - in some cases - go into the house.

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Noring Parpan, Ayuban's aunt, had attested to the presence of a buried frog in their backyard.

At this time, experts may probe on the conditions of this bizarre childbirth. The Ayuban family is willing to help any medical researcher if the necessity to exhume the dead frog arises and if it would help them understand the mysterious birth.

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Source: Kami.com.ph

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