17 students allegedly possessed by bad spirit

17 students allegedly possessed by bad spirit

- A school in the province of La Union is believed to be haunted by bad spirits

- Seventeen students were allegedly possessed 

- Based on description, the students saw an angry and bloody girl before they got "possessed"

17 students allegedly possessed by bad spirit

One of the students who was allegedly possessed. (Photo from ABS-CBN News)

An evil spirit is said to be haunting a school in the province of La Union.

The school, which chose to remain anonymous, had seventeen students allegedly possessed by a malevolent spirit.

Endless screams and unexplained delirium seemed to be the common denominator of the students who were believed to be possessed.

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One Grade 9 "possessed" student who claimed to have seen a girl full of blood screamed out of the blue.

“'Yung kapatid ko! Namatay! 'Yung kapatid ko! Maibabalik niyo ba yung buhay ng kapatid ko? Hindi! Hindi niyo maibabalik! Tinatawag namin kayo lagi, hindi kayo pumupunta!," the student outcried.

(My sibling! My sibling died! Can you bring back the life of my sibling? No! You can't bring back! We are always calling out for you, but you would never come!)

It took two hours before the student finally calmed down and passed out.

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When she woke up, she said she can still remember a bloody girl coming towards her direction just before she collapsed.

"Nung nakaupo ako, may nakita akong bata. 'Yung buhok niya, mahaba na kulay itim tapos dugo-dugo mukhang na-trap sa isang gumuhong building,” she recalled.

(While I was sitting, I saw a young girl. Her hair, long and black and her face was bloody as if she was trapped an abandoned building.)

Another student also shared her thoughts.

“’Yung kapatid daw po niya namatay dahil sa amin. Nadaganan po ata ng hollow blocks no'ng ipinatayo yung building," she revealed.

(According to her, we are the reason why her sibling died. Perhaps, hollow blocks fell over her sibling while this building was still under construction.)

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On the other hand, the school denied knowing an event where a girl died in their campus and if such incident really transpired, to begin with.

Teachers from the school followed a local practice where they cover the faces of the possessed students to drive away bad entities.

Meanwhile, the school plans to conduct a mass blessing in the classrooms to drive out evil spirits. - Kami Media

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Video from Balita Pilipinas Ngayon, GMA Network

Source: Kami.com.ph

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