'Ang Probinsiyano' is proud of its tenor -

'Ang Probinsiyano' is proud of its tenor - "Benny"

- Pepe Herrera, popularly known as “Benny” of "Ang Probinsiyano" graduated from UST’s Conservatory of Music

His voice range is incredible

He also won the Best Actor award at CineFilipino awards

'Ang Probinsiyano' is proud of its tenor - "Benny"

Pepe Herrera sings

Who would ever think that Coco Martin’s often disheveled sidekick “Benny” has a voice that can astound the audience of “Phantom of the Opera?” That’s  right, “Benny” can sing!

Known in real life as Pepe Herrera, “Benny” is more popularly known for his funny antics in “Ang Probinsiyano.”

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While generally viewed as a mere sidekick, the whole Philippines’ perception might have been changed with that one guest appearance of Herrera on Thursday’s episode of “Magandang Buhay.”

On that particular episode, Herrera held the mic and flawlessly sang “O Sole Mio,” a favorite Neopolitan song of many tenors. Not contented, he further awed the audience by singing “My Way” of Frank Sinatra and “Bohemian Rhapsody” of Queen.

'Ang Probinsiyano' is proud of its tenor - "Benny"

Unbeknownst to many, Herrera graduated from the Conservatory of Music of the University of Sto. Tomas.

Being a fresh graduate, he worked as a waiter in a cruise ship in 2011 and he would sing at night. It was during his night performances that it dawned on him how his passion was really in singing.

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When he came back to the Philippines, he tried his luck in acting, and he was fortunate at having gotten good at it.

He said that he tired being a full-time performer, taught voice lessons, drum lessons, and music in a classroom. He subsequently performed full-time until he crossed over to television, theater and movies.

Recently, Herrera won CineFilipino’s Best Actor award for his outstanding performance in “Sakaling Hindi Makarating.”

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Herrera is also part of “Rak of Aegis,” a Pinoy musical that runs at the PETA Center.

For Herrera, he feels great at making people happy through his performances. – SD, Kami Media

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