Girl urges boyfriend to commit suicide

Girl urges boyfriend to commit suicide

- Investigators managed to uncover messages between Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy III which proved her encouragement for the latter to commit suicide

- Carter even assured Roy that she would take care of his family and urged him that ‘it’s now or never’

- She now faces an involuntary manslaughter charge against her for Roy’s death back in 2014

19-year old Michelle Carter has deviated from the norm of hampering suicide attempts when she encouraged former boyfriend, Conrad Roy III, to end his life once and for all instead.

The incident happened two years back, with Roy successfully killing himself inside his truck from carbon monoxide poisoning. Although he did it alone, Carter was with him in thoughts and on the phone as they spoke to each other for 47 minutes when he was executing his plan.

Girl urges boyfriend to commit suicide

Roy has attempted suicide before his stint with the help of Carter. (Photo credit:

At one point, Roy started doubting himself and left the vehicle. But Carter instructed him to return inside and finish his deed. The latter’s text message to a friend proved the ordeal as she shared how she had the power to halt Roy’s death but chose not to.

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Authorities were able to retrieve the exchange of messages that occurred between the couple and have revealed its transcript to the public.

Carter had been feeding her late beau with comforting words of how she intends to look after his family when he was gone. She assured him that despite how his death may sadden his loved ones; they would surely move and not be in depression as she ‘won’t let that happen.’

Girl urges boyfriend to commit suicide

It was a long distance relationship, mostly involving emails and text messages. (Photo credit:

The deceased 18-year old’s hesitance was apparent, informing Carter of his distress and that he was ‘freaking for his family.’ But his girlfriend was firm and even claimed, “People who commit suicide don’t think this much.”

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Eventually, Carter grew tired of Roy’s back and forth and noted how he has put off committing suicide for a long time already.

“I thought you wanted to do this. This time is right and you’re ready. You just need to do it,” she added. Carter also advised Roy to do the act after his errands that morning – telling him that it would be less suspicious and save them the time of waiting for evening.

Girl urges boyfriend to commit suicide

Carter will face the consequences of her actions on court. (Photo credit:

The pair then proceeded to discuss about the method Roy would be doing, with Carter offering him possible places where he could perform it.

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Roy’s body was found on July 13, 2014.

At present, Michelle Carter is charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Earlier this month, the state’s highest court has ruled that the evidence may cause the grand jury to indict Carter in her relation to Conrad Roy III’s death. The uncovered chat between the two suggested that Carter has engaged in a ‘systematic campaign of coercion.’

While Carter has asked a judge to keep her conversations with Roy out of her trial, the judge did not rule the motion but said that the trial could begin in December.


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