Sunshine Dizon moves on from split with sexier bod

Sunshine Dizon moves on from split with sexier bod

- Sunshine Dizon made headlines over a month ago when she exposed her husband’s affair on Instagram, which eventually led to their separation

-  Recently, the actress debuted her new look on the same social media platform, now with a 27-inch waistline and a slimmer face

-  The procedures were courtesy of Dr. Vicki Belo, who celebrates the 26th anniversary of her business this year

Who is the fairest of them all?

It definitely is not Snow White now!

Kapuso actress Sunshine Dizon currently claims the title, as she showed off her new physique on Instagram.

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The ‘Encantadia’ star’s slimmer figure is thanks to Dr. Vicki Belo, who has given her a laser liposuction and V-contour.

The laser liposuction has changed her former 37-inch waistline to 27, which is a remarkable feat after having two children. 

Meanwhile, the V-contour has considerably slimmed the sides of her face down to her chin, giving her that perfect ‘V’.

Sunshine is very pleased with her  treatment and even shared that Belo’s business is celebrating its 26th anniversary.

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She encouraged her followers to check out the clinics for promos that will be rolling out this month.

Fans were also delighted with Sunshine’s transformation, and commented that this was the best way to move on from her controversial split with ex-husband Timothy Tan.

Go girl ?  that's the good way to start your new journey...#loveyourself,” said user @gelicioud.

User @arrietammie complimented the actress, commenting “yan ang gusto ko sau habang lumalaban gumaganda. ??”.

@marichu7, however, said it best: being beautiful,sexy and happy is the best's his lost not your's?”.-Kami Media

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