Kiko Matos gets into a fight once again

Kiko Matos gets into a fight once again

- Kiko Matos was challenged into a fight by one of the characters in ABS-CBN’s action-drama show ‘Ang Probinsyano’

- The confrontation was just a part of the show but the viewers noticed the pun on Matos’ entertaining match against Baron Geisler earlier this year

- The fight between the two started with a brawl in a bar which ended up as a mixed martial arts event resulting into a draw

Kiko Matos just had a fight on national television.

However, unlike his fight with Baron Geisler, this one was completely and entirely staged.

Indie actor Matos played a villain role in ABS-CBN’s hit show, ‘Ang Probinsyano.’ In the story, he’s one of the event organizers of an illegal underground dog fight.

Cardo and his friend Benny, played by Coco Martin and Pepe Herrera respectively, have been doing undercover work to find where the fights were taking place. Cardo even witnessed one Pitbull died during a cruel fight.

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When Benny found Matos’ character and another organizer rounding up other dogs to be butchered, he was outraged. He even challenged Matos in a “bigwasan” match up until he called for Cardo, who was hiding behind the two antagonists the whole time.

Kiko Matos gets into a fight once again

Herrera challenged Matos on 'Ang Probinsyano.' (Photo credit: ABS-CBN News)

The humor in the plot easily came to some viewers who noticed right away what was happening and enjoyed the show’s take on the controversial fight between Matos and Baron Geisler.

Twitter user, @baloloy183, found the resemblance between Geisler and Benny’s character.

Kiko Matos gets into a fight once again

“I had a few laughs while watching Benny turned into a ‘beastmode Baron’ against Kiko Matos,” one user said. (Photo credit: Twitter)

Another fan of the show even asked the show to invite Geisler in the scene.

Kiko Matos gets into a fight once again

Should the show invited Baron Geisler soon? The answer is a yes according to this user. “Cardo easily took down Kiko Matos. They should’ve invited Baron as a guest.” (Photo credit: Twitter)

What started as a brawl in a bar between Matos and Geisler ended up getting more controversial and entertaining for some people when both sides started making snide comments about each other.

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They finally settled their issues in the Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) mixed martial arts exhibition match last June.

But before the actual event in Taguig City, the two couldn’t maintain their cool whenever they occupy the same room. Matos ended up kicking Geisler after their event’s contract signing which also went viral and earned him criticisms from people.

The former Pinoy Big Brother housemate didn’t take the humiliation well and taunted Matos by kissing him during their press conference. It didn’t end there as Matos sprayed Geisler, in what was believed to be his pee, during their weigh-in. He later clarified that it was beer instead.

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Kiko Matos gets into a fight once again

Matos and Baron before their URCC match. (Photo credit:

Their exhibition match ended in a 19-19 draw and the two fighters hugged each other after the competition.

Actor Coco Martin top billed ABS-CBN’s television adaption of Fernando Poe Jr.’s classic movie. Both AGB Neilsen and Kantar Media hailed it as one of the highest rated Philippine shows in both Mega Manila and all over the country.


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