10 outrageous Filipino superstitions

10 outrageous Filipino superstitions

There is no denying that Filipinos are very superstitious and believe in omens, tradition, and premonition.

The Philippines has a collection of some of the most outrageous superstitions in different facets of life. Old folks keep on passing these superstitions. While some could be true, others are baseless or lack scientific evidence.

Below are the top 10 most annoying superstitions that some Filipinos still believe in.

10 outrageous Filipino superstitions

Pagpag is a popular Filipino superstition (Photo by: Twitter)

After visiting a new province, you have to go someplace first before going home to leave the spirits

Filipinos believed that spirits tags along with people. Thus, by going someplace first before going home, Pinoys are leaving the spirits that they may have brought during their trip.

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Pasma (Spasm)

When Filipinos arrived home, we are not allowed to wash our feet or take a bath because it is believed that it will cause pasma or shaking. However, medicine explains that spasm is a short-lived reaction due to fatigue, dehydration, and low count of body electrolytes


A truly Filipino superstition is usog or bati. Some Filipinos are tagged as “malakas ang usog” or they can cause you harm with their look or mere presence. A way to battle usog is to have that person apply his or her saliva on the other person’s forehead and stomach.

You are not allowed to sweep the floor during a wake

Filipinos are forbidden to sweep the floor during a wake no matter how dirty it is. This is because sweeping is believed to drive away fortune and good luck. Also, some people think that it is disrespectful to the dead and its family to sweep the floor while the dead is in a coffin.

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Do not sleep while your hair is still wet

If you do not want to end up blind or crazy, do not sleep while your hair is still wet, according to our grandmothers. However, science proved that this is not true and the pillow will simply have a bad smell when slept on with wet hair.

10 outrageous Filipino superstitions

Aswang is a Philippine mythical creature that likes to eat babies (Photo by: Twitter)

Wearing a cap or covering the head of a pregnant woman or newborn baby when leaving the house

Pregnant women and newborn babies should wear a cap or have something covering their head when leaving the house to avoid the aswang. In the Philippines, aswang or the Filipino version of vampire-monster-shape shifter hybrid targets babies and eat them.

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Turn the plate 360 degrees when someone is leaving while others are eating

When someone needs to leave while some people are eating, those who are eating need to turn their plates 360 degrees to prevent or pre-empt any accident on the road.

Wear clothes inside out when lost

Wear you find yourself lost in an unfamiliar place, like in a loop, wear your clothes inside out so you will find your way. Filipinos believe that spirits tend to play with people who enter their territory and the only way to counter them is to turn your clothes inside out.

Washing your face with first menstruation to prevent pimples

Girls are told to wash their faces with their first period to prevent pimples and to achieve a clear and smooth skin. However, dermatologists detest this unhygienic practice.

When spoon or fork is accidentally dropped

Old folks believe that a guest will arrive when you accidentally dropped either a spoon or a fork. A male guest for a fork and a female guest for a spoon.

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