3 Videos of deadly snakes fighting other animals

3 Videos of deadly snakes fighting other animals

A venomous snake is considered as one of the scariest and deadliest animals in the world. But despite its fearsome reputation among humans, some animals have no fear of these killer reptiles.

Here are some of the scariest clips of snakes fighting other animals such as a frog, cat, dog, mongoose, tarantula and an eel. These clips might help remind people to stay away from these venomous creatures and leave the fighting to the other animals.

One of the most bizarre animal fight videos on the internet is a three-way fight between a cat, a snake, and a frog. The first fight was between the frog and the snake, which the former won.

As the frog was trying to swallow the snake, the pet cat became curious and started to fight with the snake while half of its body was already inside the frog’s big mouth. Midway through the strange fight, the snake also started to bite the body of the frog.

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This is one of the biggest king cobras ever caught on tape! Despite being outnumbered by the dogs 5 to 1, the huge venomous reptile is able to put up a fight against the wild and hungry dogs.

These two rivals always make for a good fight! A mongoose might not seem like much of a competition for the venomous cobra, but its reflexes and aggression matches it well against the deadly reptile. The video shows the cobra striking furiously at the mongoose but missing again and again. The mongoose only had to attack a couple of times to finally kill the reptile.

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A fight between a venomous arachnid and a venomous snake! Their fight is quick but extremely brutal. The snake could have won if it was able to bite first. But for this fight, the tarantula was the faster killer.

The ocean can be a scary place for humans! You never know what could be happening below the waters. Swimming in the ocean and seeing an eel fight a sea snake is enough to send a diver out of the ocean!

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3 Videos of deadly snakes fighting other animals
3 Videos of deadly snakes fighting other animals

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