Kiko Pangilinan wants longer paternity leave

Kiko Pangilinan wants longer paternity leave

- After pushing for a longer maternity leave, Senator Kiko Pangilinan is pushing for yet another extension - this time for the Paternity Leave Act

- The extension will be beneficial to the whole family, according to the senator

- The amendments to the existing Paternity Leave Act has, according to Pangilinan, already been enacted in 79 countries around the world

After Senator Kiko Pangilinan's bill to extend the maternity leave to 150 days, the senator is now pushing for an amendment to the Republic Act  8187 or the Paternity Leave Act of 1996, to extend the paid paternity leaves - from the current seven days to 30 days.

According to the senator, the amendment to the act would cover all married male employees in public and private sectors and remove the cap that limits the paternity leave to the first four deliveries.

Pangilinan also said, “Mas mabibigyang panahon ang tatay na mas makatulong sa pag-alaga ng bagong silang at sa pag-recover agad si misis mula sa panganganak."

(The father would be given more time to help in the care of the newborn and in the recovery of the wife from childbirth.)

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In a press release published on his official website, Pangilinan also cited that this amendment to the Paternity Leave Act would benefit not only the father but also the child as the early father-child interaction has a long-term impact on the child's learning skills and abilities. According to the senator, this is equally beneficial to working moms because this early interaction would enable the fathers to partake in child-rearing responsibilities.

Pangilinan also noted - as he filed the bill upon the opening of the 17th Congress - that 70 out of 79 countries that enacted this paternity leave duration have paid leave.

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Kiko Pangilinan wants longer paternity leave

Press release from Senator Kiko Pangilinan's official website. (Photo credit: Official website of Sen. Pangilinan)

Senator Francis Pancratius Nepomuceno Pangilinan, or Kiko Pangilinan to most people, is a hands-on father of four children.

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In a Facebook post, he was seen bringing his children to school - a tradition since their preschool days, according to the senator.

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