Couple returning iPhone goes viral

Couple returning iPhone goes viral

- A couple hurriedly drove and returned the iPhone of a young woman who accidentally dropped it while going down the car

- Jarigue, the girl’s father, initially doubted the couple’s intentions but flooded them with gratitude after noticing that it belongs to his daughter

- The story has been shared on Facebook and has gone viral since then

After being fed of news about the continuous killing of drug users and pushers, the recent road rage incident, and other horrible crimes that occurs in the streets, it is refreshing to be informed that people who do simple acts of kindness still exist.

A viral post narrating a story of a couple exhibiting Good Samaritan actions has caught the attention of over a hundred thousand of netizens. TV host and motor journalist James Deakin shared the tale upon the request of his friend, Dr. JV Jarigue.

It was an hour past noon last Friday, July 29, when Jarigue dropped his daughter off at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (CSB) for a dance competition. In the middle of exiting the car, his daughter did not notice that her phone fell to the ground.

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A couple who was driving a few feet behind witnessed the scene and honked at the young woman in an attempt to inform her about the situation. However, the warning sound went unnoticed as the girl was in a hurry.

With the mindset that he had to ‘get the phone by all means,’ the driver drove on and stopped to retrieve the phone – ignoring the beeping cars behind him. The couple had to drive nearly 30 meters before they managed to catch up with Jarigue.

It was then that Jarigue took note of the SUV with its window down on his right side, the man behind the wheel handing over an iPhone to him. Confused and skeptic that it was a modus, Jarigue politely asked about the phone.

Couple returning iPhone goes viral

Delim says they were thankful for those who commented and shared the post. (Photo credit: Facebook)

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After being enlightened regarding the situation, he noticed that the iPhone does belong to his daughter and felt that his expression of gratitude was not enough. As the light turned green, Jarigue requested for a photo of the couple who simply ‘smiled and drove off.’

Eventually, the post has reached the couple who were identified as Engineer Gabriel Delim and wife Merriem Lugtu-Delim. In an interview with ABS-CBN News, they shared that it was their daughter who stumbled upon the online hit and initially thought it was a negative one since the opening statement was leaning towards it. But when she got to the end of the post, their daughter could not help but feel proud of her parents.

While Jarigue claimed it was a ‘breath of fresh air,’ Delim insisted that it was just the ‘normal thing to do, especially as a Christian.’

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"People were reminded that kindness, not hardheartedness, good not evil, and love not hate is what God wants in every one of us," Delim added.

The post has been shared for over 21,000 times, reaching Delim’s other family members and friends as well. Both Jarigue and Delim did not expect the outpour of support and the overwhelming response they received, hoping that it would send a message to other motorists out there.


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