Netizen unveils Duterte's 3 to 6-month plan to rid country of crimes

Netizen unveils Duterte's 3 to 6-month plan to rid country of crimes

Netizen unveils Duterte's 3 to 6-month plan to rid country of crimes
The Duterte-Cayetano tandem vowed to rid the country of crimes in just 3-6 months. If they fail to do so, the pair promised to step down from office. File photo.

Making rounds in social media is a Facebook note about Duterte and Cayetano’s action plan on how to realize their promise of ridding crime and corruption in the country within the span of just 3 to 6 months. The popular note was written by Eric Clark Su and has shares of 4,223 as of press time.

Below is the note published verbatim.

Confirmed from three different sources the actual plan of Duterte and Cayetano for 3-6 months of crime and corruption eradication (suppression is the realistic goal but eradication is the aspirational goal).

I won't reveal the details. I think people asking for details of it (like Trillanes) are either being stupid or want to know so they can prepare themselves if they are caught. The tandem is not going to reveal their card before the game has even started.

In broad strokes it consists of three phases - intelligence gathering, rapid (legal) case building, and arrests.

Phase 1 - Intelligence gathering has begun last year but will gain a rapid component once Duterte becomes president (Executive order + persona of executive goes a long way). It is modeled loosely on the prisoner’s dilemma but at scale. This will take 2-3 weeks only. The final output is a short list of critical targets.

Phase 2 - Legal case building will rely on a sizeable team of lawyers and paralegal. Both Duterte and Cayetano are lawyers in good standing. They already have eager idealistic lawyer leaders in the wings to be recruited once operation begins.  Case building is expected to produce actionable outputs after 2-3 months. Early targets are middle-rung people with solid evidence pointing to the top of the heap. The goal is to scare the boss or the management to go out of the country or kill them in phase 3.

Phase 3 - The execution part is what Dutere is specifically alluding to when he says it will be ‘bloody’. Warrants will be issued en masse with arrests executed within a tight schedule. PNP and AFP will be involved here depending on the case. Some of the targets will resist arrest, Duterte will direct the executors to defend their lives. Duterte guarantees legal protection and full support should they need to eliminate the bad elements to avoid casualties on the police / military side. There will be no incentivization since it’s their job but expect the salary hike to be dangled as a reward for a successful mission.

One of my sources say - Cayetano’s job is to insulate the whole plan from politics, help build up the legal component, and smooth out the aftermath of the batches of arrests . If he is VP he can do this more effectively but it’s not critical that he wins (President appointment instead).

It’s not creative, in fact it has been done before... in Davao City. That is why the tandem is confident. It is not easy and may go sideways but not impossible. And before you say, its only the small fish he can kill, try to research rich businessmen that have died in Davao City. One particular case was a businessman that the mayor personally warned plenty of times to leave the city as he was importing tons of shabu into the city, the biggest anyone has ever dared to do so. Till one bright shiny morning, the royal prick was shot in the head inside the building of one of his valid business fronts (a supplement shop). He is one of four drug lords Duterte has killed in the city in his career according to my source.

The goal is not eradication but to form a battlefront with a bi-annual tick-tock of hitting crime and corruption, buy time to strengthen components against crime and corruption, hit crime and corruption again, improve another component of government, rinse and repeat until crime is so low people can walk in the streets without worry.

Expect drug rings, smuggling rings, Bureau of Customs and BIR to be the priority on the 1st or 2nd wave.

One notable thing is the plan includes offering a free drug rehab program for drug addicts with an allowance of around P4k a month. This is also present in Davao (but not reported by the corrupted media: ABS-CBN, GMA and Inquirer). This is a big reason why Cayetano is on board.

Other aspects (not from the same source) all work in harmony to make people safe. These are the following:

Let’s help them win and take back the country from crime and malfeasance!

#duterte #cayetano

NOTE: 80% accuracy confidence (20% of the plan could be wrong). Withheld key details out of respect and desire for the plan’s success. Sources include a news reporter and 2 people in public service.


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