VIDEO: Old man's mistress gets beat up by wife

VIDEO: Old man's mistress gets beat up by wife

- Old couple’s relationship is in shambles when the wife caught her husband has a mistress

- Wife beats the young lady on the streets while people were cheering her on

- Netizen who posted the video got flak for not stopping the fight between the two

On July 31, a video of two women involved in a fight got viral on Facebook. It shows one older woman and a younger woman on the streets.

The biggest surprise in the video is that the old woman has the strength to pull the younger woman’s hair and drag her around the pavement. She does not seem that strong at all, but she proves her hidden strength with her hands.

Apparently, the old woman’s strength came out because of her rage after catching her husband with a younger woman!

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At first, the wife is pulling the hair of the mistress while her husband is pleading “Bitawan mo na siya…” (Let go of her…) She did not let go and smacked her husband in the head instead.

The mistress tries to escape but the old lady catches her and drags her forward on the street while screaming expletives at her. The wife pulls her down hard on the floor while the husband fails miserably at pacifying her.

The wife pushes her on the ground leaving the mistress feeling ashamed and exhausted. The husband tries to reach her and help but the wife hurts him and slaps him even harder.

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During the heated fight, the people watching were also cheering the cheating husband. They shouted “Gwapo mo!” (You’re handsome!) and “John Lloyd!”

Watchers and by-standers kept on cheering “isa pa!” (One more!) for the wife to beat the mistress once again. She gives in to their request and kicks the mistress on the face.

At this point, the mistress gets up and shouted expletives while the husband is protecting her.

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The video has been entertaining for many but some netizens criticized the original poster for encouraging the wife to beat up the mistress and not interfering with what was happening. They also stated that the people watching should not have perpetuated the battle ensuing in front of them.



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